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2011 Wellness Expo Poster
2011 Wellness Expo Poster

Taiko Drummers
Taiko drummers Koji Nakamura and Steven Tokunaga

Len Saputo MD
Len Saputo MD

Laurie Grant
Laurie "Uri" Grant

7th Annual Kaua'i Wellness Expo
"Inspired Journeys"

January 29 - 30, 2011
Kaua'i War Memorial Convention Center (map)
4191 Hardy Street, Lihue, Kaua'i HI 96766

This two-day event promotes Kaua'i's Health and Wellness Industry (HWI). Includes the implementation of Kaua'i's Island Wide Health Vision: Malama kou kino, e na ohana, e na aina - Take care of yourself, your family and the land. An evening performance will anchor this health vision - a special message from Dr. Len Saputo, MD on "Integrative Community Healthcare Systems" and an extraordinary performance of Taiko and Hawaiian drumming with Grammy Award winning Taiko Master Koji Nakamura, Taiko Artist Steven Nakamura and Kumu Hula Puna Kalama Dawson. Experience 100 exhibitors, 30 speakers from Hawaii and worldwide fostering growth and economic stability for Kaua'i's HWI.

Motivational Speakers! The latest wellness modalities: eastern and western medicine, complementary care, massage, accupressure, nutrition, spiritual awakening, chi gong, yoga, abundance workshops and more. Laurie "URI" Grant, Spiritual Leader and author of Transform Your Life NOW! The Spiritual Key to Excelling on All Levels reveals the "Key" in her talk on Sat. 29 at 2:00 pm.

Extensive Publicity! Inspiration Journal & OC 16 TV Show, Kaua'i Festivals Website, Garden Island News, Mid-Week, KONG, FM 97 Radio, Kaua'i Museletter,, and more.

Date: January 29-30, 2011
Time: Sat 9 am - 5 pm, Sun 9 am - 5 pm
Location: Kaua'i War Memorial Convention Hall
4191 Hardy Street, Lihue, Kaua'i HI 96766
Cost: $3 per day, $5 both days
Seniors and Children under 12 free

If you need support or auxiliary aid please call Fran Becker at 808-246-8986 by January 23.

Booth Registration - $250

Keynote Presentation on Sat. Jan 29th

General Admission - $20 Advance $25 Door
VIP Reception - $50 Reception and Program

Kaua'i Wellness Expo Workshops

Kaua'i Beach Resort Lagoons Ballroom

Jan 27: 8:30-11:30 am Medicine for these Changing Times, Len Saputo, MD. A FREE informative Integrative Health Forum with Len Saputo, MD called "Medicine for These Changing Times." at the Kauai Beach Resort. Seats are limited to 50, so please RSVP asap with Fran Becker at 246-8986. Sponsored by Kauai Health and Wellness Association and the County of Kauai.

Kaua'i War Memorial Convention Center Auditorium

Jan 29: 11am - 12:30 pm Achieve Optimal Health Len Saputo. M.D.presents an interactive workshop to help you take steps toward your personal health and wellness empowerment at the Expo. Fee $35. RSVP to KHWA Fran Becker at (808) 246-8986.

Jan 29: 1 - 3pm Flowing with the Rhythms of Life Toby Christensen Join Healing Drummer, Toby Christensen for 2 energy-packed hours where you learn to deeply connect to the natural flow of your life that will bring you more balance and power! Fee $ 25. Tickets available at the front door.

Jan 30: 1 - 3 pm Taiko Drumming Workshop - Taiko Master Koji Nakamura Learn the heart and soul of Taiko with Sensei Koji. His goal through taiko is to create peace and harmony and he hopes to inspire in others the spirit of taiko drumming. He believes that the most important aspect of a taiko player is his or her spirituality and sincere attitude. To truly inspire others with taiko, you must play with makoto (sincerity and truth). Fee: $20. Tickets available at the front door.

Jan 30: 6 - 7:30 pm Tapping the Source Movie - "Some call it a movie.. others call it a movement." Featuring over 110 Kauaians including Puna Dawson, Auntie Angeline, Nassim Haramein and Billy Hamilton. Fee: $10. Tickets available at the front door.
Tapping Source Movie

Saturday, January 29 Speaker Schedule
Download this schedule.

Jan 29: 11am - 12:30 pm Achieve Optimal Health Len Saputo. M.D.
Jan 29: 1 - 3pm Flowing with the Rhythms of Life Toby Christensen
7:30pm - Keynote Presentation with Koji Nakamura and the Makoto Taiko and Guest Speaker Len Saputo, MD

Saturday, January 29 Center Stage
8:45 Blessing with Puna Dawson
9:00 Optimal Health, Len Saputo, MD
9:40 Re Dox Signaling Molecular Supplement, Mike Gilleran
10:20 Getting F.I.T. through Multi-directional Training, Jeff Nelson CPT
11:00 'Feeling the miracle' The Oneness Meditation/Happy Science Rev. Nicole Sakurai
11:45 How To Use Crystals and Fairy Stones For Learning, Lilly Rahmann
12:30 Stress, Toxins, Hormonal Chaos and Wellbeing, Dr. Shanhong Lu, MD PhD
1:15 Your Psychic Child: Awakening the Intuitive Within You At Any Age, Sara Wiseman
2:00 The Spiritual Key to Excelling on All Levels, Laurie "Uri" Grant
3:00 Systems Biology and the Processes Underlying Disease, Steve Rogoff, MD, ABFM, FAAFM.
3:45 Create Reality NOW! Harnessing the Manifestation Energies, Dr. Dream
4:30 Rejuvenation Series, An Eight (8) Week Program for Your Mind, Body & Spirit, Dolphin Touch Team

Saturday, January 29 Classroom
9:30 Marketing your Healthy & Green Business to Hawaii & The World, Michael 30 & Katie Fisher
10:15 Drink Your Way to Health, Dr. Amy McGlaughlin
11:00 Five Wishes, Cindie Jones and Karen Baldwin
11:45 Dissolve your mind. Free your spirit. Heal your body. Michon Olson
12:30 Compression only CPR, Laura Burman
1:15 Experience TAT Energy-Meridian Healing, Hiyaguha Cohen
2:00 How Sound therapy Works For Crystal Bowls 101, Crystal Lober
2:45 Yoga Mime, Janet Carafe
3:30 Look, Feel, Live to the Max!. Darnell Miguel

Sunday, January 30 Speaker Schedule

1 - 3 pm Taiko Drumming Workshop with
Taiko Master Koji Nakamura
6 - 7:30 pm Tapping the Source Movie

Sunday, January 30 Center Stage
9:00 Children's Yoga, Diane Cline
9:45 Moving beyond the life/death cycle... The illusion that separation exists.
10:30 Medicinal meditation transmission, Christina Fisher
11:15 Kettlebells and Ropes Gone Wild: A low impact, high metabolic work out, Sandi o'Shaughnessy
12:00 The Miracle of Love: Raising The Collective Consciousness, Al Dias
12:45 Spinealignment & Atlas Repositioning Through Energetic Healing, Neli & Anya
1:30 Soul Based Living, Raul Rosiles
2:10 Rising up the ladder of love - The process of relationship, Gabriella Hartwell
2:50 Divine Light: The Healing Power of forgiveness, Mirabai Devi
3:30 Listening to Plants: A Gathering of Friends, David Bruce Leonard
4:15 Unlock The Keys To Your Destiny Through Indian Vedic Palmistry, Lali S. Kakar

Sunday, January 30 Classroom
9:30 Shocking - Not All Water Is The Same, Suzi Gillette
10:15 Loving Home, Loving Self, Skot Barrelle
11:00 Dolphin Messages, Lemurian Memories and Meditation, Jeanne Russell
11:45 Illusion as Reality, Stephanie
12:30 How to Navigate to Greater Health and Vitality combining germ theory and cellular theory, Will and Susan Revak
1:15 Anti-aging and the Sense of Wellbeing, Dr. Shanhong Lu, MD PhD
2:00 Crystal Healing, Katrina Rapheall
2:45 ASEA - Time (Machine) in a Bottle, Lane Fujii
3:30 "Rolfing: Myths and Truth", Angela Ledington Fisher P.T

Note to speakers: Please end 5 minutes early for transition time between lectures.

*Purchase workshop and movie tickets at the Expo front door

Sponsored by: County of Kauai Office of Economic Development, Hawaii Tourist Authority, Kauai Health and Wellness Association. Alexander Day Spa and Salon, Happy Science, Hawaii Health and Holistic-Hawaii. Friends of Inspiration: Cindie Jones of Waddell and Reed, Kahuna Valley and HeartBeat of

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