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Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

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Ranan Shahar
Ranan Shahar

4th Annual Kaua'i Wellness Expo
"A Healthy Kaua'i"

January 26 - 27, 2008
Kaua'i War Memorial Convention Center (map)
4191 Hardy Street, Lihue, Kaua'i HI 96766

Fred Alan Wolf, PhD Keynote Presentation
Saturday, January 26, 2008
Book signing 4:00 pm
Presentation 5:30 pm, VIP Reception to follow.

Ticket Sales: General $40, VIP $60, VIP & Reception $100

Expo Hours:
Sat, Jan 26 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sun, Jan 27 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Expo Admission: $5 day, $8 both
Free: Children under 13 and Seniors

Wellness Expo 2008 - Speaker Schedule

Saturday, Jan 26 Center Stage
8:45Opening Blessing
9:00Qigong - Qi Center
9:45Change Your Rhythm, Change Your Life! - Toby Christensen
10:30Are You a Cultural Creative? - Michael Kramer
11:15Holistic Medicine and Medicinal Acupuncture- Elizabeth Chen Christenson, MD, AHMA, FAAMA, FCAP, LAc
12:00The Keys for Health, Wealth and Happiness - Hiroaki Higaki
12:45How to Make Soul Contract Changes, Karmic Releases, Reclaim your Sovereignty & Power - Li Lan Chan
1:30Pain Elimination Therapy - Dr. John Char, DDS
2:15Every Bite is Divine - Annie B. Kay, MS, RD, RYT
3:00The 7 Secret Ingredients to Living a More Personal and Global Cause - Tina Quizon
3:45Qi Gong- Francesco Garripoli
1:00-3:00pmSelf-healing and Success" Theory and Practice of Extrasensory Perception- Natalia Shareyko, MD
4:00Book signing - Fred Alan Wolf, PhD
5:30Keynote Address: The Users Guide To Your Universe: How Quantum Physics Can Change Your LIfe
*Fee for workshop and keynote presentation

Saturday, Jan 26 Classroom
9:30Self Healing Techniques - Virgina Dunas
10:15Bioenergetics: What It Is and How It Affects Your Life - Lisa Chun, D.O.
11:00Freedom for Your Best and Highest Good - Albert Diaz
11:45Yoga Nidra - Jeanne Russell
12:30Hormone Balancing, Dr. Melead; Facial Rejuvenation,Dr. Richard; The Spine, Dr. Young
1:15Business Coaching - Freida Freitas
2:00Living, Loving and Learning Together - Richard Kraft
2:45Willow Therapie and Bodywork Treatment - Rita Harrison
3:30What's Aloha Got To Do With It? - Janee Marie Taylor
4:15Water Class - Neal Chantara

Sunday, Jan 27 Center Stage
9:00Women's Qi Gong - Daisy Lee
9:45The Energy Matrix of Daily Life- Peggy Black
10:30Atlas ProFllax - Ranan Shahar
11:15Healing Our Community-Healing Others-Healing Ourselves - David Dinner
12:00Allergies: The Emotional Connection - Alfredo Gutierrez
12:45Feed Me Pretty: Weight Loss - Catey Shanahan, MD
1:30A Kabbalistic and Spiritual Approach to the Balance of Body & Soul!- Sholom, Schusterman, Chabad Rabbi
2:15Healing in the 21st Century - Howard Wills
3:00Somatic Learning Yoga - Steve Star

Sunday, Jan 27 Classroom
9:30The Past Lives with Lai Ubberud
10:15The Fourth Eye: Eye of the Universe - Lisa Rahael
11:00Cultivating Accountability For An Empowered Life! - Kim McVicker
11:45The American Dream Realized - Diana Palazzolo
12:30Energizing Your Relationship Dance - Sharon Douglas and Nancy Miller
1:15Creating Space for Transformational -Petra Sundheim
2:00Proving a Claim for Traditional Chinese Medicine - Joel Efrein

Let's Celebrate at Expo2008!

The 4th Annual Wellness Expo is on everyone's mind as the anticipation grows with each passing day. Business owners from all over the world are signing up for booths, making airline, hotel and car reservations, booking venues for pre and post workshops, redoing business cards, preparing lectures, gathering materials and products - all to present to you the best they have to offer. They do this because they believe with a passionate heart in the work they are doing. Putting on an Expo is a huge production and it takes a deep commitment from every fiber in each person involved to want to make it successful. A gathering of this magnitude takes more than a village; it takes the desires of a unified global community.

Teachers from as far away as Russia, Germany, from Massachusetts to California are joining Hawaii's finest wellness professionals at the Expo to educate you on new methodologies and pathways to healthy living. Natalia Shareyko, MD, PhD. is one of the directors of the Institute of Biosensory Psychology in St. Petersburg, Russia. Dr. Shareyko is a specialist in the field of biosensory psychology will be doing a workshop on Theory and Practice of Extrasensory Perception, "Self-healing and Success." Health practitioner, Rita Harrison from Germany is introducing the Willow System Therapies; Anne B Kay. MS, RD, RYT will be on island from the east coast to share Every Bite is Divine - Tools for Healthy Lifestyles; Dr. John Char, DSS from Oahu will be lecturing on Pain Elimination Therapy and many are returning from past Expos. A full schedule of lectures and workshops will be coming soon.

I am thrilled to present Fred Alan Wolf, PhD as keynote of this year's Expo. Dr. Wolf is a renowned quantum physicist, a popular lecturer, highly regarded for his simplification of the new the physics. His animated and humorous style makes this complex subject understandable and appealing to non-scientists, like me. Of Dr. Wolf's presentation, Kaua'i's Jana Joy says "Dr. Wolf is like a cosmic giggle who can take you to depths you've not been before." We have printed several articles on quantum physics being used in healing modalities, now we have an opportunity to dive deeper into this unknown to gain fascinating insights to how it all works- atoms, parallel universes, no time zones, black holes, infinite infinity... and beyond!

Sponsors and volunteers are the foundation of these events. With their help we are able to invite internationally renowned motivational and educational speakers who enhance our lives, put on a quality program that supports the health and wellness industry and provide our island visitors an opportunity to have a unique and memorable experience while on vacation. Mahalo! To our sponsors and volunteers for contributing to the success of these Expos. A full report will be in the March 2008 issue.

A special Mahalo to Mayor Brian Baptiste, Beth Tokioka, Director of the Kaua'i Office of Economic Development and Robbie Kaholokula for their continued support of the Expo and the health and wellness industry with the County Product Enrichment Program (CPEP) Grant.

Kick off this year with the determination to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Come to the Expo to explore, learn, taste, indulge and feel! It's time to wake up and come alive! Be part of this magnificent senses expanding event and join us in supporting the health and wellness industry - all for you and a healthy Kaua'i.

See you at the Expo! Enjoy and Celebrate 2008!

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