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Issue 9 Inspiration Journal, September - October 2004

September - October 2004

A Country Doctor in Kilauea, Kaua'i Michael Ancharski, ND
Michael Ancharski, ND, in "Journey to Healing," tells us of his progress through various professional situations. His message is to be responsible to your inner voice - to listen to your gut feelings and do what your heart most desires in order to create a satisfying and rewarding life.

Team Tech Kaua'i: Adopt -A-School
Team Tech Kaua'i: Adopt-A-School is a program that bridges the gap between high-tech companies and our schools to nurture an understanding of technology in our youth.

Melting the "Ice" with Yoga and Meditation
In hopes of helping many who suffer from addictions, Mark Beach share with us the benefits of practicing daily yoga and meditation.

Vedic Medical Astrology
Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar shows a view of our bodies from the perspective of the stars under which we were born. Vedic Medicine incorporates the whole person in healing techniques and principles.

Synchronicity in Japan- A Spiritual Journey
Enjoy this wonderful story written by Gabriel Taylor who experienced a spiritual transformation while exploring a Japanese temple in a remote mountain village.

  • Ku Kilakila - Elizabeth Hahn
  • Back to School Health - Catherine Downey, N.D.
  • The Sixth Chakra - Gloria Coppola
  • The Wonders of Infrared - Dr. Ken Howayeck
  • Thermography - Leia Melead, ND
  • The Chi of Feng Shui - Clear Englebert
  • Living the Life of Your Dreams - Mark Allen
  • Coconut Flan with Chef Brandon Reed
  • The Era of Tea with Tea Alchemy
  • Who I Am Makes A Difference: Loving People - Desiree Vea
  • Kaipo Surfing - Anson Achuara

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