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Issue 8 Inspiration Journal, July - August 2004

May - June 2004

Paddling Lessons for Life with Tobbie Tuttle
Being on the open ocean in a canoe, depending on your crew to pull together so you arrive at your destination safely, is an opportunity to learn more about you. With uncontrollable variables such as the condition of the ocean, your seat placement, the crew's physical and mental stamina - you soon come to know your limitations and strengths, as your inner beliefs are challenged. Our state sport offers you more than just a paddle through the water on a canoe.

A Nurse's Spiritual Awakening
Diane Zander is an registered nurse who became a Reiki master after receiving her first treatment which eased her physical pain and brought an inner peace never felt before. This spiritual awakening occurred at a time of anxiety and sadness as she cared for her mother whose health was failing. With a renewed spirit Diane found that "Reiki utilizes life for energy to promote profound healing."

Qigong Healing
Use Qigong to manage stress through ancient breathing and movement techniques. By understanding this practice allows you to learn about the "amazing healing tool that lie within each of us." We are encouraged by qigong master, Francesco Garri Garripoli to seek good health and inner peace.

Men's Health - Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
Naturalpathic Dr. Steve Dubey pulls the punch where it is needed - men need to seek health care at the first sign of symptoms or discomfort before it is too late. With advanced medical technology and readily available information, "cardiovascular disease is more preventable today than ever before." Through education and awareness, men's health can be optimized.

  • Peace in the Body The Trager Approach by Virigina Beck
  • Chakra #5 - The Throat by Gloria Coppola
  • Practical Ways of Living in Times of Change by Kay Snow Davis
  • An Elemental Perspective: The Earth Element By Alaya DeNolles
  • Exercising Outdoors by Murray Harris
  • Basic Principles of Aruyveda: Three Dohas by Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar
  • Acupuncture for Sports Injury and Trauma by Dr. Leia Melead
  • The Presence of the Eternal by Kim Miller
  • Chocolate & Red Wine by Krissi and Ron Miller
  • Headaches: A Pain in the Neck by Dr. Bob Swiryn, DC
  • The Mental Side of Golf by Glenn Tamagawa
  • Too Heavy a Burden by Paul Zina

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