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Issue 6 Inspiration Journal, March - April 2004

March - April 2004

Fields of Dreams: Tyler Yates with the New York Mets
Tyler is Kaua'i's first professional baseball player. Born and raised on the southside of the island he is stepping on to the pitcher's mound at Shea Stadium this April. He shares with us how he used mental focus and a positive attitude to reach the dream of life.

The Lydgate Legacy Lives On
John Mortimer Lydgate arrived on Kaua'i in 1896 for a short visit which turned into a lifelong adventure of cultivating and preserving the land, hawaiian culture and communities on the island. Today, Kaua'i is flourishing from the seeds he planted many years ago.

Passion at Otsuka's
Otsuka's is not a typical furniture store in the islands. They are recognized by the community and peers as a true Ohana (family) with integrity and Aloha for everyone. Their passion for life and people, which turned this landmark business into a very successful venture is contagious.

  • Natural Medicine for Keikis by Dr. Leia Melead
  • The Third Chakra by Gloria Coppola
  • You How Makes A Difference - Standing Strong Together : "Harry" by Desiree Vea
  • The Facts about Acne by Francine Kanter
  • An Elemental Perspective by Alaya DeNoyes
  • Water, Sound, Crystals by Kimba Arem
  • A Chiropractic Approach to Health by Dr. Bob Swiryn, DC
  • Healing Our Relationship with Food by Kristin Suratt
  • Body Rolling by Lori Potter
  • Home - a poem by David Dinner

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