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Issue 5 Inspiration Journal, January - February 2004

January - February 2004

Matthew Kaopio, Jr. returns home
After years of rehabilitation from an accident which left Matthew a paralyzed from the neck down, he returns to Kaua'i a published writer and accomplished artist. His life is amazing and inspirational.

Natural childbirthing on Kaua'i!
A new and exciting experience for both mother and child - an ocean water birth. Elemental Birthing with Heather Dye as she highlights the safety and advantageous of giving birth in the ocean.

Enhance your health with tai chi, aquacizing and running
Start the new year with activity to help reach those “get fit” goals! We focused on tai chi for physical and spiritual strength, aquacize for you water lovers and a walk/run program which requires only a good pair of athletic shoes. No excuses - get moving! and enjoy a healthier lifestyle this 2004.

  • Angels Underwater by Anne Castle
  • Tai Chi Chuan by Si Gung Tiru Sadasivam
  • The Difference Between Homeopathy and Herbology by Francine Kanter
  • The Second Chakra by Gloria Coppola
  • New Look for your Home by Tammi Andersland
  • Water Aerobics by Muriel Ganzer
  • New Year, New You... by Pam Kruse
  • Epiphany by Chris Evatt
  • Anatomy Of An Illness (Richard Diamond's-rebirth story) by Richard Diamond
  • A Spiritual Journey - Healing Our Relationship with Food by Kristin Surrat

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