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Issue 46 Inspiration Journal, January - February - March 2011
January - February - March 2011 Issue
January - February - March 2011

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Char's Message

Transitions to Transformations

This New Year 2011 has excitement written all over it with the promise of unlimited adventures for Inspiration and the health and wellness industry. Last year's transitions opened many doors for us: a heartfelt partnership with our friends Katie Fisher and Michael Saiz, the founders of Hawaii Health Guide (HHG), the implementation of Kauai's Island Wide Health Vision, and the success of the first season of INSPIRATION on OC 16 TV.

Merging with HHG in the Resource Directory (new in this issue) is a natural progression for both companies. This partnership will increase the momentum in the health and wellness movement throughout Hawai`i and globally. Since the beginning of Inspiration and the Kaua'i Wellness Expo, we have supported each other's missions and intentions to encourage healthy lifestyles through education.

"Along the journey we've been asked to help write policy and guidelines for Hawaii's unique health and wellness tourism niche, translated into Japanese, sprouted into local and statewide festivals, hosted international speakers at special events, sponsored kumu, and kupuna to tour the state in order to share their wisdom, we've commissioned cultural educational programs and been tapped by both our local government and international communities to serve in leadership roles in helping build sustainable and integrated health and wellness communities." ~ Katie Fisher

"HHG and Inspiration Journal are the only statewide publications networking Hawaii's Health & Green communities in Hawaii. We are excited about this collaboration of shared vision and mission to promote our Health & Wellness community to Hawaii's residents and visitors, via our coordinated websites, email networks, social media, print and television." ~ Michael Saiz

Kauai's Island Wide Health Vision - "Malama kou kino, e na `ohana, e na `aina." - Take care of yourself, your family and the land - plays an important role in raising awareness to make your health a priority in life's big and small decisions. With this health vision is an opportunity to transition from a disease-oriented society to one of prevention and wellness. Printed on bumper stickers, posters, flyers and business stationary, it will serve as reminder to take care of ourselves first, so we are able to care for our families and then our environment. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to advance this transformation and everyone can pitch in to make it happen. Details about this unprecedented health vision are in the article "Malama kou kino."

Sometimes it's good to be naive when forging ahead because the fear factor has little or no time to divert your path or keep you in a box. This is exactly what has happened with INSPIRATION on OC 16 TV. Co-producer Thor Seraphin and I without hesitating took a risk and immersed ourselves in completing the first 13 episodes. The positive feedback we've received from viewers in Hawai`i and worldwide has spurred us on to create Season 2. The line-up presents energizing episodes of inspiring individuals who are making a difference in our islands today. Mahalo for supporting our work "to connect those who are seeking with those who are serving."

At this printing, the 7th Kaua'i Wellness Expo hasn't yet taken place so stay tuned for a complete wrap up in the Spring 2011 issue or visit our website for Expo highlights.

Wishing for all your dreams to come true in 2011! Dream BIG!



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Featured In This Issue

Grammy Award Winning Taiko Master Koji Nakamura's Spiritual Transformation

When I was a member of Shumei taiko Ensemble in Japan, I had performed at various events around the world. I played in concert in many cities in Japan, and in New York and Los Angeles in the United States, and in Hong Kong. However, the highlight for me was when we played for two world peace events: The Parliament of World Religions in Cape Town, South Africa in 1999, and the Millennium World Peace Summit at the United Nations building in New York in 2000.

Through these events I have experienced how we could help contribute to the transformation of the world through taiko drumming. I would like to share with you my passion for taiko and spirituality.

Triumph over Adversity by Robin Jumper

Bethany Hamilton's Lifestyle Journey with Dillberg Integrated Healthcare

Dillberg Integrated Healthcare, located in Poipu, Kauai, specializes in a holistic healthcare approach using chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, spinal rehabilitation, Egoscue postural therapy, and neuro-emotional techniques.

Bethany Hamilton, local Kauai hero was first introduced to the team at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare in 2009. After her first experience, she knew that her prayers had been answered and that she would have the quality care she was seeking right on her home island of Kauai.

A Return to Healing by Len Saputo, MD

"Malama kou kino, e na ohana, e na aina"... take care of yourself, the families, and the land. From what I understand, the ancient Hawaiians have long understood this message and know it is the basis for developing sustainable communities that serve each of us, our families, and Mother Earth. It seems that today we have forgotten who we are and how we must live if life is to have the sacred meaning that was intended. Sadly, we are witnessing a time when social disparities are worsening and moral outrage is growing. Yet now we are in the midst of another social revolution, one that offers great promise of evolutionary transformation.

A Powerful Island-Wide Health Vision by Char Ravelo and Barbara Curl

Malama kou kino, e na `ohana, e na `aina. Take care of yourself, your family and the land.

Imagine an island community embracing completely a vision of an integrative healthcare system. A vision that raises the way people take care of themselves and their environment. A vision that encourages businesses to give their employees' health and wellness first priority. A vision that inspires county and state government officials to make choices based on the long term health and wellness of workers and citizens. A vision that enables educators to teach children the value of prioritizing what is important today, so generations to come consider integrative health as the norm.

Other articles:

  • Natural Alignment for Functional Pain-Free Living by Michaelle Edwards
  • Crystal Healing by Katrina Raphaell
  • Is your child psychic or spiritually gifted? by Sara Wiseman
  • Are Your Children Prepared? by Cindie Jones

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