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Issue 44 Inspiration Journal, July - August - September 2010
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July - August - September 2010

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Char's Message

Leap of Faith

A few months ago, I found myself climbing up a forty-foot pine tree, from which I was to jump onto five small swinging platforms, crossing to get to the last one, and then gently scoot off the edge and land on the ground. Well, it took me forever to leave the safety of the platform. It was the most precarious physical situation I've ever put myself in, and by far the scariest. Of course, I wore a helmet and was harnessed to a very strong man below and I saw several others finish unharmed, but all of this logic and reasoning didn't stop my fears from engulfing my whole body. It was really high up!

After a very, very long time, I finally let go and went down. The best (or most embarrassing) part was realizing instantly after leaving my safety net that it was a breeze. These high ropes, called the "Leap of Faith," have an uncanny way of putting your deepest fears right in your face, which is a great way to know yourself better. Okay, so I know I have a fear of jumping off high places, but when I do it's always fun at the bottom. So once again, it's clear that "letting go" is a good thing.

That proved to be a prophetic experience, as I find myself again taking a leap of faith at beginning Inspiration's eighth year. After thoughtful deliberation, we have decided to transition into a quarterly publication starting with this Summer Issue to be followed by the Fall, Winter and Spring Issues. This change is to allow us time to grow between each issue and Inspiration's amazing TV show. We've just completed our first successful season with 13 episodes featuring health and wellness activities throughout Kaua`i. Soon we'll be shooting season two and the line-up is exciting. One of our long-term goals is to take the show on a road trip to feature heartfelt practitioners and awesome healthy activities throughout the state and abroad. In order to do it right, in Inspiration style, we look forward to broadening our scope to cover new fascinating topics, complement the TV show and continue to empower you on your wellness path. With the support of Inspiration's crew, I have faith that this transition is the natural evolution for the journal.

This issue offers an eclectic collection of inspirational and educational articles for your mind, body and spirit. In "Born Leaders," Mason Chock explores whether leaders are born or must be trained. A gifted teacher and visionary, he created Kaua`i Team Challenge, and the outrageous ropes course where I stood up on the forty-foot platform overlooking beautiful Hanalei Bay. (You can watch this thrilling Episode #12 online at

In other articles, personal trainers Terri Hunter and Jeff Nelson use their expertise to highlight important keys for successful workouts, essential to our health. Sara Wiseman and Master Ryuho Okawa encourage us to awaken and develop our spiritual awareness, important for our well-being.

Go ahead, learn to get out of your own way and take a leap... you'll like it!

Enjoy your summer,

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Featured In This Issue

Born Leaders by Mason Chock

Are leaders born? Do great leaders come into this world with a natural ability to affect greater advancements for humanity? Are they gifted with the talent to empower others around them as they themselves are lifted through their successes? Life stories and biographies of great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelsen Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and many, many more remind us how leaders become who they are. It is through commitment to developing socially, emotionally and intellectually through life's experiences that leaders solidify their ability to affect huge change.

Capacities/Potentials by Dr. Jane Ely

We have the capacity to accept other realities-to respond to dreams, visions, ideas, creativity and spiritual teachings. The non-material world is an exploration into the unknown. We are part of the unknown, also termed non-ordinary reality. It is available to us when we are open, connected and in a relaxed state of conscious awareness. Transformation is an inside job, as is the capacity to reach our true potential. We do this by developing spiritual capacities through engaging in meditation, prayer, awe, wonderment, and miracles.

Fueling Up! Pre & Post Exercise Nutrition for the Young Athlete by Jeff Nelson, CPT

Research shows that much of our hard work in a training session can be negated by improper nutrition, especially in the pre- and post-workout phases. As a personal trainer and soccer coach, one of the frequent questions I hear is a variation of "How can I best prepare my child for their training with proper nutrition?"
Much has been written about nutrition and it is a huge topic with many variables, so this article will narrow the focus to pre- and post-workout.
Overall Nutrition
The body requires a proper combination of carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals to perform at its peak and achieve the athlete's performance demands. A proper average ratio of the macronutrients would be 50 - 70% carbohydrates, 15 - 30% protein and 10 - 30% fats.
Run for your Life!
Helpful tips to properly train for a marathon and a lifetime. by Terri Hunter, CPT
Whether you're running to train for a full or half marathon, keep in mind that you should be training properly to prevent injury and burnout. This will create a positive and enjoyable experience, not just for today, but for a lifetime!
The 2nd annual Kaua`i Marathon is on September 5, 2010. A full marathon is 26.2 miles and a half marathon is 13.1 miles. You can run, run/walk or walk the whole marathon. Yes, the Kaua`i Marathon is walker friendly, just as long as you pass the 6.5 mile mark in 1 hour 45 minutes. Go to for more information. Please note that this article focuses on running the marathon.
I ran the Kaua`i half marathon last year and it was a great experience. I followed a training schedule and completed the half marathon feeling good and injury free. I am looking forward to running the Kaua`i half marathon again this year.

Eating Smart - Honoring Traditions by Francesco Garri Garripoli

One of the gifts of living or vacationing in Hawai`i is that we get the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a wonderfully diverse cultural experience. Our islands reflect the core Polynesian roots of the people who first came to call this their home. I think about the brave travelers who came here in canoes from islands we know now as Tahiti, Marqueses and others. They navigated by the stars and could only carry minimal supplies over the long journey in their small boats, bringing the food they would need for their long seafaring trip, along with seeds, roots and cuttings so that they could ensure they would have food in their new home.

Other articles:

  • Makai Ola Integrative Health Center
  • BROCK TULLY: Pedaling for Kindness by Pamela Salibi
  • Practicing Ahimsa with YogAlign By Erin Wascher.
  • Discovering the Amazing Power of Meridian Tapping by Kirstin Morris, LMT
  • You Can Rise You Can Shine by Master Ryuho Okawa
  • Receiving Divine Guidance is easier than you think by Sara Wiseman
  • YOU: A Channel for the Cosmos by Adriana Attento-McKnight
  • Come Home by Ruey Ryburn, DrPH, RN, AHN-BC
  • Vegan Fusion: Daikon Carrot Salad by Chef Mark Reinfeld

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