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Issue 43 Inspiration Journal, May - June 2010

Holistic Approaches to Wealth: Health, Wealth and Happiness by Francesco Garri Garripoli

In all my years of studying and working in the field of health and wellness, I have consistently been reminded of the importance of balance. It sounds almost cliché, but for myself, I can't seem to hear this enough. Whether it is through personal fitness exercise, Tai Chi, Qigong, or bicycle riding - or through responsibilities in business, relationships and community service - balance is essential... and here I will share some effective tools for your empowerment.

Our lives are beautifully complex, and a recipe for a full life consists of a variety of ingredients from family, partnership, business, health, finance, spirituality, playtime, etc. You know those people who seem to have many of these ingredients in such elegant flow and those are the people we admire. There are even those people that seem to have EVERYTHING together, running in abundance and balance. In my exploration of human nature over these past 40+ adult years, I have to say that I've never seen anyone with EVERYTHING in balance... even though it may have seemed that way upon first glance. We all want to think the "grass is greener" or that there is some magic formula for living a perfect life... but alas, I still haven't seen it in anyone.

Like Achilles, we all have our vulnerability, that place where we need to grow and learn. This area of our life is rarely the one that is easy. This challenge area is where we struggle, where we are tested time and again. The recurring nature of this dance is beautiful actually because it points to where we are most likely holding on to some old pattern that simply doesn't serve us. Our "ego" (belief-systems and/ or fear) clings to patterns, even if they are destructive or growth- limiting, because the ego needs to be defined externally, defined by something, someone, or some mental construct.

If someone has a great relationship, exercises regularly, maintains vibrant health, and has a healthy spiritual life, they may be the person you know who has financial challenges. Another person may have tons of money and are physically fit, but their relationships belong on a reality TV show. You get the picture. If we look inside, we know what our vulnerable area is. Our challenge is to embrace the courage to see this clearly, release self-judgment, and start having fun with bringing our life into balance.

A good first start is to appreciate all that IS in balance. If we really are living in an infinitely abundant Universe, then you have an amazing pool of resources to draw from. Imagine tapping into all the Qi energy from anything and everything that is flowing and vibrant in your life... and then charging that up with the infinite energy all around you. Imagine next seeing this like powerful root system and connecting it to the area in your life that needs a recharge. If you can make this a joyful "game"... and infuse the process with gratitude, then you may come into clarity that every aspect of your life is a fragment of the same hologram. When you can see that it is all our "Dreaming," then the basic principles of quantum physics are there to support you - your intentional "spin" of any atom (aspect of your life) will harmonically "spin" any and all other atoms (areas of your life) - everything is connected. The resonant energy/quality of that spin affects the whole... our opportunity is to keep this vibrant, joyful, abundant, and full of gratitude.

For many of us, the aspect of our lives we call "financial" is our weak link. How surprising we all have so much in common! Ha! When you live your life from a heart-centered perspective, what would seem the farthest from "heart"? Money. Sure, we can all intellectualize that it's not, and we can play with all the "laws of attraction" that we'd like, but the fact is, our finances don't seem to stabilize. What to do?

Going back to what we touched on earlier, it seems like we have to embrace the concept that ALL aspects of our lives are resonant aspects of a unified hologram I like to call our "Dreaming." Until we merge them all into a singularity, we will be in a state of constant judgment and comparison. Everything is energy.

So, money is energy... the same energy that keeps us healthy, and in good relationships, and connected to everything around us - from a tree to the farthest star. When you can translate everything into "energy" (Qi, prana, mana, etc.) you are now working in a realm that you can actually shine in. You ARE energy and every thought and action you choose affects all the energy around you.

We live in an infinite Universe and even Einstein said that there is no empty space... that in any cubic centimeter there was enough energy to power a city. Are you courageous enough to let go of your fears, your old inner stories, and the influence of the media? Are you willing to put these principles to work and expand into your potential?

I share all this because"money " is not an easy area for me... but I've had great mentors and Master teachers in Qigong and energy healing who pushed me to continually break through my self imposed limits. It is a life-long process that seems to become more and more joyful.

Recently I have been getting over some old patterns and beliefs Spirit that I've held about money... and am coming to peace with it all. Breathing into this isn't always easy, but what a relief because I know it touches on every aspect of my life. I am revamping the annual Qigong Study & Healing Trips to Asia that I've been leading for 15 years, bringing joy into them in new ways. I've even gotten involved in a most interesting home telecom business that I pushed away upon first hearing it. I heard my old patterns kick in, but because I trusted my friends who turned me on to it, I went further and now I laugh at seeing how I resisted. I see how we "dream" into existence our opportunities. It's as if they don't even fully exist without our embrace... and then we mold and infuse the opportunity and draw it into our infinite view of life. This home telecom business has much more than returned my investment, which is much better than the stock market can do... and it's potential for lasting extra monthly income is now really clear. The reason I never got involved in stocks is because it forced me to believe someone else was going to do something for me and it took away any sense of empowerment. In this unique telecom business model, I can guide the flow and I feel how my efforts can have a direct affect on the outcome. It is very empowering and rewarding! If you are interested, email me and I'll share this with you.

Balancing our balancing our family life, balancing our responsibilities... it is all one beautiful process that we are asked to embrace with joy and gratitude... it is all the dream you dream, wide awake.

Francesco is a wellness advocate, author, software designer, Qigong instructor, and Chairman of Kahuna Valley, a Kaua'i-based non-profit that works with youth and families in need. Visit or

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