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Issue 42 Inspiration Journal, March - April 2010
March - April 2009 Issue
March - April 2010

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Char's Message

Perseverance and Dedication

So far 2010 is off the charts for Inspiration. We launched a TV show, held the 6th Annual Kaua`i Wellness Expo with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and took the helm in launching an Island Wide Health Vision for Kaua`i with KHWA. Inspiration, Hawaii's Wellness Journal premiered on Oceanic Cable 16 on December 14, 2009. Hosting this TV show is an honor and it's pure joy to bring inspirational stories to viewers in Hawai`i and worldwide. Working with me is co-producer Thor Seraphin of Kaua`i Sound Cinema; he is the genius behind the camera. His videotaping and editing wizardry produces superb footage no matter what the conditions are at the time. We are both dedicated to keeping the show outdoors and highlighting the best our islands have to offer in health and wellness. We are receiving positive reviews and lots of encouragement to keep on keeping on. Mahalo for tuning in and supporting this new chapter in the life of Inspiration.

My hope is to broaden people's perspectives and continue shrinking the gaps between the thinkers of traditional Western medicine, complementary and alternative medicine. Practitioners of all walks who provide service from their hearts have already begun to help others close the gap, regardless of their field of medicine. By expanding Inspiration's reach to provide health and wellness education through motivational stories, we effectively showcase the heartfelt healing taking place on all spectrums across our state. Hopefully, one day these divisions will be gone, and we'll be one big happy healing `ohana of health and wellness practitioners. For now, the show is causing a huge wave of wellness across the state.

Now, imagine what an Island-Wide Health Vision could do for everyone living on or visiting our beautiful islands. Imagine a logo contest in our schools where children design a symbol to remind people to put health first. These plans were set in motion last March, when a special task force from the Kaua`i Health and Wellness Association took the initiative to form a focus group comprised of community health practitioners and administrators, education and business advisors. The task was to consider the possibilities of an island-wide health vision. This group of volunteers met almost monthly for a year to explore all the aspects of such a vision. Jointly they created the Island Wide Health Vision:
Malama kou kino, e na `ohana, e na `aina.
Take care of your body, your family and community, and the lands around you

This March, the children will hand in their artwork and the judges will begin the arduous job of choosing the top winners. We expect to end up with a symbol that will inspire people to move towards living healthy, to begin taking responsibility for their own health. Imagine the possibilities of this wellness movement.

Speaking of movements, we are excited to feature Ultraman athlete Jason Patrick Lester He recently received the ESPY award for Best Male Athlete with a Disability and is not stopping there. Already an inspirational success story, he raises the bar as he sets out to help others reach their goals. Epic 5 will be an unprecedented Ironman event scheduled to start here on Kaua`i and finish on the Big Island - 5 islands in 5 days. His perseverance, endurance and dedication are beyond incredible.

At this writing, the Kaua'i Wellness Expo is just a week away and the excitement is buzzing. Be sure to pick up our 7th Anniversary issue this May for a complete recap of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha's first visit to Kaua`i and all Expo activities.

Remember to put your health first and if you need some inspiration, check us out on OC 16!


Featured In This Issue

Epic 5: The Journey Is Born by Ann Ravelo

WHY would anyone want to complete five Ironman triathlons in five days, one on each of the five islands?
Without hesitation, Kailua-Kona resident Jason Patrick Lester responds, "It's all about the journey."

At the beginning of 2009, Jason's biggest goal was to complete two Ultraman triathlons in a year, a feat not often attempted. The Ultraman is a three-day competition comprising a 6.2 mile swim, 261 mile bike and 52 mile run. Jason wanted to do it, not for himself but to send a message to the world that anything is possible. With the accomplishment of the his previous races and by completing the Ultraman Canada in June, the Ironman World Championship in Kona in October and the Ultraman World Championship in Kona in November, Jason did more than achieve his goal: he was nominated for an ESPY award for Best Male Athlete with a Disability. His right arm was paralyzed from a life-threatening accident at age 12, but Jason never allowed this to immobilize him physically and spiritually from competing like everyone else.

Coming to Our Senses! Activating Your True Potential Dr. Jane Ely

In this article we work with Cycles, Realities and Learning/Growing.

Cycles: Change occurs in cycles. Change cycles will bring up certain behavioral patterns.

In the Medicine Wheel there are four cardinal directions representing four basic cycles. These are: the Southern Direction bringing forth the cycle of learning to trust; the Western Direction which brings forth truth; the Northern Direction that works with discernment; and the Eastern Direction that opens us up to faith/spirituality. Each direction of the Medicine Wheel initially represents a phase of growth. We will look more closely at the attributes and the phases of growth in detail in the coming chapters. Cycles wake up our senses. Cycles are not random; they follow a creative flow in which patterns of awareness emerge.

Psoas Power with YogAlign™ by Michaelle Edwards, LMT, ERYT

Many people, when they refer to their core, are thinking of their abdominals, the four muscle groups that make up the trunk area between the ribs and hips. Having a tight six-pack or abs of steel is the goal of many fitness exercises, but there are more important power muscles that lie deeper, at the "core of your core." This inner core is comprised of your rarely discussed psoas (pronounced SO-AZ ) muscle group. What and where exactly is your psoas group? What can knowing more about them do for you?

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  • CRYSTAL SKULL By Charlotte Szivak
  • Vegan Fusion with Chef Mark Reinfeld
  • Some Thoughts And Facts About Nutritional Supplementation by E. Wang, MD

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