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Issue 41 Inspiration Journal, January - Februry 2010
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January - Februry 2010

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It is Expo time again and we are excited to welcome the New Year with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. This year's Expo theme is "To Your Health" and it is with great joy to present Master Sha. A profound holistic doctor of the mind, body and spirit, he encompasses all aspects of health in his practice. He is a dynamic teacher, healer and spiritual guide, on an incredible life journey of service to others.

Today more than ever the message is streaming across the web, in publications and teachings, and it's loud and clear - know who you are, return to the real you, be who you are. Easier said than done? And you may be wondering how these ideas relate to celebrating your health. Growing up with Louise Hay's You Can Heal Yourself has taught me to see how our bodies respond to our thoughts and emotions over time. For example, stress is widely recognized as one of the culprits leading to a heart attack. Can the stress of a chronic emotionally broken heart show up as a heart attack? Going through the painstaking exercises leading to knowing who you are at your core, and learning to love all that you are, is rewarding beyond words. Living a well-balanced life that is unencumbered by perpetual negativity and filled with joyful experiences is worth striving for.

If you're having difficulty beginning your journey to finding yourself, these wise words may help, from Neal Donald Walsh's Conversations with God, Book 1:

"You are goodness and mercy and compassion and understanding. You are peace and joy and light. You are forgiveness and patience, strength and courage, a helper in time of need, a comforter in time of sorrow, a healer in time of injury, a teacher in times of confusion. You are the deepest wisdom and the highest truth, the greatest peace and the greatest love. You are all these things. And in moments of your life you have known yourself as these things.
Choose now to know yourself as all these things always."

Set the tone for 2010 by making your health a priority when you make your everyday choices. Begin by celebrating who you are and honoring the healthy self of your mind, body and spirit. Master Sha refers to the spirit as the soul and works to heal the soul in order to heal the body. His innovative methodologies have helped thousands of people release blockages and come to know themselves on a deeper level. Take advantage of this special opportunity to find out more about you at the Kaua'i Wellness Expo. See you there!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!



In late October, I had the pleasure of meeting Master Sha over the phone while he was traveling in China. As he talked about his work it was clear that this man walks his talk, he is passionate about serving others and undeniably congruent with his message. I felt his joyful energy bursting through the telephone's speaker and filled my office. His approach to healing the soul is very unique and many have found it to be life changing. Although, it is difficult to capture all of who is he in this interview, I hope to share with you his essence and invite you to witness for yourself this delightful teacher and spiritual leader at the Kaua'i Wellness Expo.

The Cart Before the Horse by Makana

Dear Friend,

Thank you for gifting me endless opportunities to realize the Creator within.

No longer shall I expect or hope for the world to merge with my vision.

No longer shall I be lost to mythology or see uncertainty as an unfriendly fellow.

I now know my vision becomes my world.

I am a Creator at every moment- not sometimes, not only when I am aware of it- and this movement of particles has no rest. It is a never-ending song sung as an emission of consciousness. My every choice is that singing voice. It echoes back to me undistorted, though I've claimed before that it wasn't mine at times when the note went sour!

The Sun seems to visit and depart, but it gives off light whether we perceive it to or not. Some live their entire lives not knowing the power their Being contains and emits. Why waste 100 years in bewilderment?

COMING TO OUR SENSES! Activating Your True Potential By Dr. Jane Ely

Introduction to the Series: This series of articles for Inspiration Journal are a preview to my next book with the same title. The intention of the book is to activate certain transformative practices in our daily lives that lead to lasting change. Also, the series develops sensate experiences within our body, emotions, mind and spirit that are tools for conscious awareness. The teachings are drawn from the four basic principles of the Medicine Wheel, the ancient Native American Indian wheel of spiritual evolution but which are universal in the cycles of nature and of organic evolution. We will learn how to reconnect to cellular wisdom in a discovery that provides grounded, unique activations so that each of us can live from the deepest place of our true potential.

The Twelve Teachings of the Wheel of Life-Wholeness and Change, Article 1 of 6

Many of us have made a commitment to deep transformational life change, and have been on the journey a number of years. Others are just dipping their toes in the waters of the journey. We are all at different places of discovery and self-awareness. One of my personal insights over the years of teaching and counseling is that unless there is a commitment to activate what we learn and embody in a positive way that supports and helps ourselves, others and our world, we are playing at being myopic and self-centered. Transformational change is dynamic, a 'pay it forward' energy that takes commitment and discipline.

Buying Happiness? by Domo Geshe Rinpoche

If we could choose between ending our suffering or being happy, upon first reflection we would probably say, "If I can only choose one, I would want to be happy." However, grasping at happiness rather than the elimination or destruction of the causes of suffering is connected to the ordinary view. If we really want to be happy, then it follows that we would want to completely eliminate all forms of suffering.


An awakening is now taking place on our planet. Earth is currently moving from the third to the fourth dimension with the goal of a fully embodied shift to the fifth dimension in 2012 . 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a NEW fifth dimensional Earth. For individuals to shift with this planetary ascension they must fully focus on raising their vibrational frequency level, by starting to take the journey inwards and awakening. As Carl Jung said, "Those who look outward, dream, those who look inward, awaken."

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