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Issue 40 Inspiration Journal, November - December 2009
November - December 2009 Issue
November - December 2009

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Inner Peace, Universal Peace by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha

Billions of people yearn for inner peace and inner joy. They search for it in different ways, many going to external sources such as movies, parks, nature and more, or turning to books, to music, etc. Inner peace must occur inside you before universal peace can occur in your community, your state, society, country, the world and the universe. What happens in the small universe is reflected in the large. What happens in the inner universe is reflected in the outer.

To create universal peace, each of us must first create inner peace. This is easy to say, but for most people, not so easy to accomplish. We often go through life struggling with obstacles, challenges and numerous blockages in our souls, minds, hearts and bodies. Blockages can also manifest as challenges in finances, relationships and other areas of life.

How High is Your Swine Flu I.Q.? by Ken Pierce, DO, MS

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my daughter off at college. That is a traumatic event in any dad or mom's life and it is even more traumatic now that the H1N1 (swine) flu has appeared on several college campuses. Swine flu has already led to a couple of deaths in college students. Before leaving my daughter at her dorm room for the long flight from Savannah, Georgia back to Kaua`i, I tried to impress upon her and her roommates the importance of taking proper precautions against the flu. "Girls, listen to me," I said. "Don't kiss boys! And if a boy tries to kiss you, make sure he is wearing a surgical mask!" My wife is skeptical about the likelihood that my advice will be taken seriously. Even so, I'm going to send them a box of surgical masks.

Nordic Walking 101 by Terri Hunter

Where's the snow? Did you forget your skis? Nordic walkers have heard all of these comments and more from people who are just not sure what the poles are all about.

I hope to clear up all those answers and more about Nordic Walking, and tell you how you can take walking, one of the most popular and ancient forms of exercise, to a new fitness level!

What exactly is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is "fitness walking" with specially designed walking poles to provide an efficient total body workout that is safe for all ages. Nordic Walking, pole walking, and urban poling, are some of the different names used for this activity.

Is Your Yoga Doing More Harm Than Good? by Michelle Edwards

Alignment Begins with Freeing the Breathing Process
Poses in yoga should be consistent with good posture and alignment. Alignment is dictated by our breathing and our fascia. Shallow breathing creates poor posture. Deep centered breathing aligns you in a natural position. The YogAlign(TM) Method, developed on the North Shore of Kaua`i, was designed to teach functional breathing skills, for yoga practice and for functional living.

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