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Issue 39 Inspiration Journal, September - October 2009
September - October 2009 Issue
September - October 2009

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Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Health

This issue of Inspiration focuses on getting back to the basics of taking care of your health. I had the pleasure of interviewing health and wellness pioneer Patricia Bragg, an inspirational vibrant and healthy individual, who raises the bar on taking personal responsibility for your health. This ageless angel walks her talk and shares her message all over the world, giving people encouragement and permission to be happy and live well each day.

Following in the vein of crusading for healthy living, we have several articles from outstanding individuals who are fostering sustainable communities throughout our islands. Powerful, thought provoking questions are raised: What if boats and planes stopped bringing cargo? How would we get our food and fuel? These are issues we need to confront because we live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In Ganshet Nandoskar's interview of Paul Izak and Tony Orlandi show us how imagination helps in growing your own food. Kaua'i's KCC program under the guidance of Glenn Hontz demonstrates another way to learn how to be self-reliant today. The Hawaii People's Fund and the Kaua'i Pow Wow are more examples of health crusaders promoting self-sufficiency by perpetuating cultural heritage. These are all extraordinary individuals walking that extra mile for your health.

For encouragement on your spiritual journey towards living well and whole, we are delighted have an intimate interview with the revered Dr. Michael Beckwith. His uplifting message shares an insight to understanding our lives' purpose and the evolution of the human race. I am looking forward to his new film "Spiritual Liberation" based on his recent book Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential.

Take control of your complete health - from the air you breathe to the food you eat. You have only one body - it's time to love yourself completely!

Yours in wellness, Enjoy!

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle by Char Ravelo

Patricia's father, Paul C. Bragg, is known as the father of the health movement in America. He was the originator of health food stores worldwide, and started The Bragg Health Crusades in 1912. Patricia is a dedicated health crusader with a passion like her father's. Paul lived in the Hawaiian Islands for many years and enjoyed walking and running along Waikiki Beach, swimming and surfingwith his friend, surf and swim champion Duke Kahanamoku.

Michael Beckwith Up Close & Personal by Anna Darrah

What's it like to spend a day in the life of one of America's most well-known spiritual leaders? That is the subject of the new documentary, SPIRITUAL LIBERATION, which provides an up close and personal look into the life of Michael Bernard Beckwith. As the founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, Dr. Beckwith is an international speaker and teacher of meditation/affirmative prayer, and is the originator of the Life Vision process. His book, Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential, was recently awarded a Gold Nautilus book award.

Should We Grow Our Own Food On Kaua`i? by Glenn Hontz

Over 90% of the food that we consume here on Kaua`i is imported. By imported I mean from somewhere not in Hawai`i. The same is true of most other things that we consume like gasoline, clothing, household goods, etc. Food is different though. Without it we get hungry in a few hours. I have heard from two sources that we have less than a week's supply of food on Kaua`i at any given time. So this begs the questions: "What do we do if the boat stops coming to Kaua`i even for a few weeks?" and "What if food that is imported doubles or triples in price because of some reduction of oil supply?"

Edible Landscapes Hawaii: Food Crises?... What food crises??
Interview by Ganshet Nandoskar

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. - Albert Einstein

Recently I had the good fortune to meet Paul Izak and Tony Orlandi of Edible Landscapes Hawaii and was amazed at how with a little imagination they manifested a mind boggling concept of Edible Landscape.

Ganshet: What's your mission for Edible Landscapes Hawaii?

Paul: Our mission is to promote the importance of healthy, nutrient-rich organic food. Today "food" can be classified in many ways and there is no shortage of it in the American culture. The public must be aware that food which promotes a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle can be found in raw fruits and vegetables grown in your own backyard.

Community Partnerships by Nancy Aleck

Kanaka Maoli, the Hawaiian people, simply say, "Malama `Aina." Take care of the land. It's a reciprocal relationship and responsibility. It's kuleana. When practiced appropriately, the rewards are rich: the health and security of our families and communities.
Since 1972 Hawai‘i People's Fund has been supporting the most grassroots of organizations throughout the islands with funds gathered from individuals who believe in a better world.

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  • Kundalini Yoga by Dr. Malia Reid
  • 12th Annual Pow Wow
  • Kundalini Yoga by Dr. Malia Reed
  • Le Guru by Paul Reynolds
  • A Whole Other Realm by Tatiana

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