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Issue 38 Inspiration Journal, July - August 2009
July - August 2009 Issue
July - August 2009

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Excuses be Gone! by Dr. Wayne W Dyer

In my role as a counselor, teacher, and parent, I've heard many reasons that people use to explain an unhappy existence... and almost all of them inevitably fall into one huge category, which I call "excuses."

For example: Excuse, "I Can't Afford It"
It's a rare day when I don't hear some variation of this excuse, including: "I didn't go to college because it was too expensive," "I haven't been able to travel because I never had the funds," and "I couldn't go into the business I wanted because I had to stay where I was and earn money to pay the bills." I call this belief lame and a cop-out, yet there seems to be almost universal agreement for its existence.

Healing the Abandonment Abyss - Part II by CC Treadway

In the last article I went into the importance of dealing with the pain of abandonment. In this article I will go into more detail with the chakra system of the healing process.

The most important thing about healing abandonment is that you have to admit you have a problem. Many people are defending against this pain so much that they cannot even get to it. But if you continually feel empty, like you need to fill a void with something, you have an abandonment wound. An abandonment wound can lead you to substance abuse, to emotional detachment, inability to commit in relationship or over-dependence on another to give meaning to your own life.

Stress to Success... in Just 31 Days! Interview with Dr. John F. Demartini by Tina Quizon

You may be wondering, why they are called "secrets"? Even though some people have heard many of these statements before, few seem to take them to heart of live by them. Their wisdom is simple yet profound, and they're the secrets of the individuals who live more self-actualized lives. Those who implement these secrets daily enjoy empowering inspiration.

Traveling to the Source to Learn How to Heal by Francesco Garri Garripoli

For the past 12 years I've been leading study and healing groups to magical places in Asia in the hopes of connecting people with the birthplaces of ancient healing modalities. What I have discovered is that not only do people connect with the past, but they also connect with their own future.

Lomilomi Maoli (True Lomilomi) by Mimi George, L.M.T., Ph.D.

There are many traditions within lomilomi, and as many styles as there are practitioners. Lomilomi practices include care given to a mother before and after birth, use of healing herbs, "stepping" or walking on the body, use of ha (breath), hot stones and shells, seawater and herbal formulas to cleanse the colon, set bones, and much more.

  • Core Transformation with Ger Lyons by Jody Mountain
  • Le Guru: Pranayama by Paul Reynolds
  • Question Mark Ask the Natural Chef: The 30-Minute Vegan with Mark Reinfeld and Jennifer Murray
  • Awakening by Ruey Ryburn, DrPH, RH, AHN-BC

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