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Issue 37 Inspiration Journal, May - June 2009
6th Anniversay Issue

May - June 2009 Issue
May - June 2009

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Creating a Pathway for Peace, One Brick at a Time by Jane Ely, PhD, Min

This is more than the story of Storybook Theatre's Garden of Peace, and more than the Storybook Theaters' incredible history. It is a story about attending to and healing our children, bringing together community and, of a vision that just won't quit. Storybook Theatre was founded in 1979 in Honolulu and incorporated as a non-profit, moving to Kauai in 1989. The organization is dedicated to addressing an important need of young children; to hear good stories told in creative ways.

Healing the Abandonment Abyss - Part I by CC Treadway

Abandonment. For those of us who have experienced this most intense of all wounds, we know how serious it is. In this time of great economic change, of the fear of scarcity, of losing our homes and our jobs, facing abandonment is more important than ever. I have found in my practice that when it comes down to it, everyone is dealing with abandonment, whether it comes in the form of the fear of rejection, the habitual pattern of love and avoidance , or good old fashioned codependency and love addiction.

Stress Related Symptoms on the Rise! by Francine Kanter, CCH, RsHom Certified Board Homeopath

The recession can affect our lives in ways that go far beyond our bank accounts. Local doctors say they are seeing more patients due to stress caused by the economy. More than 75% of men and women reports unhealthy side-effects from the ongoing financial crisis. What does our national economic crisis mean for our health? Americans are so stressed out about our economic crisis, we're irritable, fatigued and turning to unhealthy ways to cope.

Healing the splits that hold us back by Dr. Barbara Brennan

Why is it that a great deal of the things many of us long for rarely come to fruition? Why is it that relationships that promise so much in the beginning just don't seem to work out? Or projects that are begun with great enthusiasm often don't get completed? It would be easy ** to lay the blame on others, bad luck or simply fate. Many of us might even accept partial responsibility but without any awareness of what is really going on. The truth is that while many of us may believe we are genuine in our desire for a better life, prosperity, love and partnership, to be truly creative or whatever it is we long for, we tend to sabotage our ambitions with the sub-conscious fears we have held since early childhood.

  • Creating a Pathway for Peace, One Brick at a Time by Jane Ely, D. Min.
  • Dear Mom and Dad by Carey Hardy
  • Healing the splits that hold us back by Barbara Brennan, PhD
  • Healing the Abandonment Abyss by CC Treadway
  • The Installation of Love submitted by Ann Ravelo
  • Shabda Yoga - Yoga of Sound, Yoga of Music by Paul Reynolds
  • Stress Related Symptoms on the Rise by Francine Kanter, CCH, RsHom Certified Board Homeopath
  • Amazing Aloe Vera by Patti Valentine
  • Thrifty Vegan by Chef Mark Reinfeld

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