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Issue 36 Inspiration Journal, March - April 2009

March - April 2009

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MANA: Identity Pathway - The story of our dream for Kaua`i by Zena

October 2008, Montreal: meeting with Lyn Heward, COO and former president of Cirque du Soleil. We are here to learn how a vision grows into a huge enterprise employing thousands of people for the sake of beauty and amusement.

We begin with our brief synopsis about Mana knowing that we have about three minutes to pitch Ms. Heward before she either shows us the door or shows interest in the project.

Marco Polo Tek Nickerson

At the invitation of Hula Kumu Puna Dawson, I recently joined a small cultural exchange group, bound for Hokkaido, Japan. We were hosted by their Shin Buddhist ministers, as well as our own Rev. Noriaki Fujimori of Waimea Higashi Hongwanji. Buddhism is about balance, which is the thread sought by this trip of cultural exchange between east and west. The following is the second of two articles, subsequent to Recycling and Sustainability in September, '08.
I felt like a 21st Century "Marco Polo," visiting Hokkaido last June. Some experiences were familiar; others were new to me. Check out these snapshots of first impressions.

Listen to the tone of the AA flight attendant: "Please stow your luggage above your seat." Rhetorically, the Japanese counterpart: "May we please ask you to stow your luggage above your seat?" I suspect politeness and rhetorical questions are more common than in the United States. What a first impression!

A Conversation with Mirabai - "Living From The Light" by Richard Diamond

The following is a distillation of a delightful conversation I had recently with Mirabai, an international spiritual teacher, conduit for healing, author, and the founder of the Mirabai Devi Foundation, which is dedicated to raising world consciousness through the awakening and healing of humanity. Mirabai lives her life in service to a living Vision which embraces all of existence within the Light of Universal Love and Peace. Mirabai has been guided to settle on Kaua`i and establish a world center of spirituality and healing.

Re-Connecting Your Core Song by Michael Stillwater

Inner peace is ever a prerequisite for peace in the world, with more methods available now than ever before to access it. Religion, psychology, and the creative and healing arts all provide different responses to the question of what brings about this inner peace - yet whatever path we take, at the heart of the experience shines a profound state of self-acceptance.

  • Marco Polo by Tek Nickerson
  • Mana by Zena Schmidt
  • A Conversation with Mirabai - "Living From The Light" by Richard Diamond
  • Re-Connecting Your Core Song by Michael Stillwater
  • Living in a Round Body by Michaelle Edwards
  • Yoga and Calm for Children by Diane Cline
  • Le Guru: What Does It Take To Be A Yogi? by Paul Reynolds
  • Integrating Mind-Body-Heart Through Movement and Sound by Mark Kawalski
  • Healing Is Simple-Part 2 by Mark Okita
  • Divine Sovereignty by Shivallah
  • Go Vegan This Earth Day by Chef Mark Reinfeld
  • Power of Listening by Mateo Madani

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A Message from Char

It was Simply Inspirational!

CharI learned that saying thank you three times in a row amplifies the heartfelt message a thousand times more. So here goes- Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo! to everyone who participated in and supported Inspiration's 5th Annual Kaua'i Wellness Expo featuring Deepak Chopra on January 24-26, 2009. It was a phenomenal event! With over 100 businesses represented, 40 speakers, a Women's Health and Empowerment Workshop lead by 3 international instructors, a Kaua'i Premiere of Wayne Dyer's new movie - Ambition to Meaning, a mini expo with entertainment, a VIP Reception and almost 900 in the audience to see Deepak's lecture, we estimate almost 3000 attendees (including exhibitors, volunteers and staff) walked through the doors over the three days. An outstanding success for Kaua'i and the health and wellness industry!

Visitors from all over the world- Italy, Germany, Australia, South Africa to name a few, plus the mainland and outer islands traveled to Kaua'i to hear Deepak's message, check out the booths, take workshops and network with each other. Most importantly, I believe everyone learned something new at the Expo, which makes this an extremely rewarding event for me to put on.

Several high school teachers brought their students who are in the Health Academy and Peer Mediation Programs to the Expo and Deepak's presentation. The feedback was very positive from both teachers and students. Imagine the future possibilities for these young hearts and minds to see a thriving wellness industry, where everyone is working together for healthier individuals and communities.

Deepak's presentation was fabulous. He interacted with the audience, told great stories and took us on a journey that stretched our minds. The most common response from first time Deepak Chopra attendees was how impressed they were on his use of scientific data to support alternative healing. Yeah, well done! He opened the door for more people to consider a whole-istic approach to health and healing. A man after my own heart! He was a pleasure to work with - kind, funny and down to earth. On our way to an early morning departure, he told me that he enjoyed his time on Kaua'i. Right on!

In hosting such an enormous event as this, you know there are always key people who love being behind-the-scenes, making sure the details are covered and things are done impeccably. For me, there are two very special individuals who have quietly mentored me since Inspiration's earliest issues - they are Barbara Curl and Francesco Garripoli. Their unwavering faith in what I do (and gentle nudgings through thick and thin) has nurtured my spiritual growth so I was able to hold the intention for this Expo with pure Aloha for everyone at every level of participation, and the results are proof of their incredible work. Much Aloha and hugs to you both.

Thank you's are not complete without acknowledging Cindie Jones, my best friend who gave me the inspiration for Inspiration, Fran Becker for being available each step of the way and Sally Desai for throwing an awesome VIP reception.

To our sponsors - Kaua'i Office of Economic Development, Hawai'i Tourist Authority, Kaua'i Health and Wellness Association, Forever Now, Kaua'i Osteopathic, Inc, East West Academy of Healing, Institute of Happy Science, Waddell and Reed, Alexander Day Spa and Salon, Dillberg Integrated HealthCare, Kahuna Valley, Kaua'i Aloha Foundation, Kaua'i Visitors Bureau, Kaua'i Chamber of Commerce, Hawaii Health,, Money Makers, Liv Sxinny, Healthy Specials, Clothing for Health, Princeville Center, MAX INT'L and the Kaua'i Museletter...

... to the awesome Inspiration staff - Sally Wilson, Richard Diamond, Ganshet Nandoskar, Stacey Salvador, Todd Johansen, Dexter Sear, Tammi Andersland, Pam Salibi, Paul Reynolds, David Armstrong, Kecia Joy, Mark Ravelo and Gary Wong.. and to the many volunteers who came out to bat for a grand slam at this Expo...

A very warm Mahalo and Aloha to each of you!



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