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Issue 35 Inspiration Journal, January - February 2009

January - February 2009

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Jesus by Deepak Chopra

"A horse!" the temple lad cried as he ran in panting for breath.
"Quick, come and see."
"Why?" I asked without looking up. I was in the middle of writing, which I did every morning. My scribbles never reached anyone outside this dim, falling-down hut, but that's of no matter.
"Because he's huge. Hurry, or somebody might steal him."
"Before you do, you mean?" The boy was so excited that he kept sloshing his bucket of hot water on the floor. He was permitted to barge into the hut to fill my bath just after dawn. I frowned at him. "What about detachment?"
"What?" he asked.
"I thought the priest was teaching you not to get so excited."
"That was before the horse." If you were born high in these mountains, a stray horse is an event. Where would this one be from? The Western empire probably, where huge black stallions are bred. The locals knew animals by the compass. Elephants come from the south, where the jungle begins, and camels from the eastern desert. In all my travels, I had seen only one of these gray monsters, who are like walking walls.

A Secret No More... West Kauai Medical Center by Marion Penhallow

One might think that a medical center tucked into the southwestern corner of the most northwestern island in the state of Hawai`i, in a rural community, could and would offer only limited health care. "Not so!" say those who deliver these services and the patients who have been cared for in this facility. Steeped in a tradition of service, compassionate care and unswerving dedication, and providing highly developed technology, Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital (KVMH) or the West Kauai Medical Center (WKMC) as it is known today continues to strive to be the best it can be.

The BRAGG Legacy of Health in Hawai`i and the World by Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D.

Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. lectures in cities around the world in Bragg Health Crusades and calls Hawai`i her home away from home. Recent health lectures included Honolulu, Auckland New Zealand, and Brisbane Australia, where she spoke to packed halls of health minded followers.

IMMORTALITY AND LEADERSHIP: Empowerment through the Presence of the Divine Feminine by Shona Bellew

Mankind has always searched for the fountain of youth, usually associated with health and longevity. Truly, though, it is the search for total mastery and leadership over the world, the search for the secrets of life and death. More deeply, it is the longing to come home to self by completing the journey of duality.

  • The Power of Handwriting and the letter I by Angeline Welk
  • "Classic" Menopausal Changes! by Francine Kanter, CCH, RsHom
  • A Carnivore Gets Cleansed—Second Course by Rick Nielsen
  • QUESTION MARK - ASK THE NATURAL CHEF - The Raw Pantry with Chef Mark Reinfeld
  • Dr. Dimartini Live and Inspired by Tina Quizon
  • The Light Manifesto by Cathryn E. Moe
  • Hope by Dr. Ruey Ryburn
  • Indian Healing with a Women's Touch by Francesco Garripoli
  • Investor Info by Cindie K. Jones, CFP
  • Book Review: Twins of Kashal

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