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Issue 33 Inspiration Journal, September - October 2008

September - October 2008

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Nathan Kalama: Composer for an Evolving Culture
When Nathan Kalama was growing up, the Hawaiian culture was rarely celebrated as a heritage of its own, and more often abused and exploited. It has taken a life-long dedication to change that perspective and honor the values by practicing the culture with respect, reverence and most of all, joy.

Founder of the Kaua`i Mokihana Festival by initiating the Kaua`i Composers Contest and Concert in 1984, Kalama has worked to perpetuate and promote the Hawaiian culture ever since. "Composers are inspired to communicate wonderful messages about the island and their inner feelings," said the festival director.

Shifting with the Times: Preserving our Kaua`i by Andrea Brower for Malama Kaua`i
As the fortunate inhabitants of beautiful Kaua`i, the Garden Isle, we enjoy so much: clean air, warm oceans, abundant greenery, fresh rain fed water, and some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Consequently we must ask ourselves, "What is my responsibility as a steward of this wonderful place and as a member of this diverse community?"

Recycling and Sustainability in Japan by Tek Nickerson
At the invitation of hula kumu Puna Dawson, I recently joined a small cultural exchange tour group to Hokkaido, Japan, hosted by Shin Buddhist ministers, as well as our own Rev. Noriaki Fujimori, of Waimea Higashi Hongwanji. Like Taoism, Buddhism is about balance. The following is the first of two articles on lessons learned.

The Japanese live on an island, as do we. The Japanese dont have oil; nor do we. The Japanese live and breathe recycling and lead the world towards sustainability. Meanwhile, Kauaians creep out of the cave of our waning plantation mentality, seemingly blinded by the dawn of our environmental renaissance.

Fish - For Your Health: Kona Kampachi at the Kona Blue Water Farms
The American Heart Associating (AHA) recommends eating fish, particularly fatty fish, twice a week. Incorporating fish into a regular diet offers people the nutrition they need - high amounts of protein, low calories, low saturated fat content and essential Omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to promoting heart health, Omega-3s are also linked to increasing brain development and preventing cancer, arthritis and even depression.

But there have been issues raised recently that point to dangers due to the eating of fish. The first concerns our own health and the second concerns our environment. One company, Kona Blue Water Farms, has found a brilliant solution to both problems. Kona Blue sustainably raises Kona Kampachi®,a top quality sashimi-grade fish with no additives, genetic engineering or hormones.

  • A Soft Place to Fall by Jan and Brad Lundy
  • A Spiritual Path by Dr. Ruey Ryburn
  • Reflect Yourself! Defining Success on Your Terms by Frieda Freitas
  • Question Mark! with Chef Mark Reinfeld
  • Le Guru is You: Hatha Yoga with Paul Reynolds

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