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Issue 32 Inspiration Journal, July - August 2008

July - August 2008

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Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Wayne Dyer
Living in the Flow... The Tao and water are synonymous according to the teachings of Lao-tzu. You are water; water is you. Think about the first nine months of your life after conception: You lived in, and were nourished by, amniotic fluid, which is truly unconditional love flowing into you... flowing as you. You are now 75 percent water (and your brain is 85 percent), and the rest is simply muscled water.

Abandon by Joanna Petterson
I am not a writer. My tenses and prose will be mostly wrong and my grammar may be a little out of whack. But I can read, and reading an article in 1997 is what helped inspire this journey I am on. I stood in Borders browsing the magazine racks, leafing through pages of sports and lifestyle articles. As I glanced up I saw a cover with an image of a punk rock looking girl, her hair wild and nose pierced, and around her neck she wore her deceased pet piranha. I was shocked and intrigued. How and why did she get on the cover, what did she do? I proceeded to read the magazine and discovered her name, Missy "the missile" Giove, and that she rode a bike for a living. Wow. What was this sport, mountain biking?

Facing Up to the Challenges of Life by Barbara Brennan
It has been called the reflection of the soul, the barometer of emotion, a dynamic canvas that is constantly in movement.
The human face speaks a language far more complex and expressive than any verbal communication. For the newborn child, the mother's face is the first mirror it sees of its own self. What's contained in that face - love, joy, anxiety, disinterest - will have a profound effect on the infant and on the adult it will become.

We're up against the Laws of Nature, and Nature does not compromise. In 2007, the world's leading climate scientists, the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC), collaborated on a series of reports documenting the extent of global warming, the problems likely to emerge if things continue as they are, and what we need to do if we hope to avoid catastrophe. The group was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in December for its work confirming that man's contribution to global warming is hurtling the earth toward a tipping point that, once passed, will lead to catastrophic changes. Humans need to end fossil fuel use by mid century to allow concentrations of carbon dioxide to subside.

  • Yamuna Ball Rolling with Lori Potter
  • Le Guru is You - To Prop... or not to Prop... Part 1 by Paul Reynolds
  • The Effect of Stress/Burnout on Health by Elizabeth Chen Christenson, MD, LAc.
  • Meditation on Your Third Eye & Your Awakening Spirituality by Andrea Nandoskar
  • Herbs - Parsley and Mint by Patti Valentine
  • QUESTION MARK - ASK THE NATURAL CHEF - Summer Fun with Mark Reinfeld
  • Ancestral Prayer written by Howard Wills

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