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Issue 30 Inspiration Journal, March - April 2008

March - April 2008

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A Light Touch: Flowing Enlightenment With Howard Wills by Richard Diamond
Although countless stories have been written about Enlightenment, Enlightenment defies all definitions of what it is. There is simply no clear definition of Enlightenment. The meaning is as elusive as the shape-shifting cloud blown across the sky by the wind. First it takes on one shape, then another, and then another. As soon as the cloud takes the shape of a horse, for instance, it shifts into the shape of a house, and then a bird, and then something else.

An Interview with Dr. Demartini on Wisdom by Tina Quizon
Q: Dr. Demartini in our society that is seeking and demanding creative new ideas for self-help principles, what modalities do you teach?
A: I developed The Demartini Method(R), a breakthrough discovery and cutting edge personal transformation methodology, which results in a new and refreshing paradigm in thinking and feeling. It is a foolproof and effective means of transforming any form of conflict or stress into grateful states of love and vitality.

You Must Believe in Spring! by William Cathers
You Must Believe in Spring! is the true story of Nicaraguan piano virtuoso Donald Vega and his heroic struggle to launch a career, restore his health and create a future in America. In 1986, Donald's mother and stepfather fled Nicaragua and on July 4, 1989, fifteen-year-old Donald entered the United States to rejoin them in Los Angeles. Poverty stricken, Donald practiced on a makeshift cardboard keyboard, but his bigger obstacles were the gradual loss of his hearing due to a severe cleft palate, and the threat of deportation back to Nicaragua. Despite this, Vega embraced his journey with courage, joy and wisdom as he did battle with forces which threaten to engulf him.

Hawai`i Visionaries -- Styrophobia's Krista Ruchaber and Mike Elhoff
Making the Transition to a Zero Waste World

Picture the myriad coffee houses that sprinkle the island of O`ahu (indeed the whole state) like poppy seeds on a NY-style bagel. Watch the population of O`ahu enjoy their morning cappuchino, mid-morning frappuchino and pau hana cup of Joe all served in plastic, Styrofoam* or paper cups with matching lids for each. Drift to lunchtime in Honolulu and note the infamous plate lunches tightly packed into polystyrene Styrofoam containers snugly wrapped in plastic bags.

  • Inner Child by Barbara Brennan
  • How to Choose and Practice Qigong by Frank Chen
  • Romanceology: The Dance of the Inner Masculine and Feminine By Sharon Douglas
  • Ancient Traditions by Margo Uma Gal
  • Underwater Problems Surface in Hanalei's Surf by Kelsey Mac Donald
  • The Blame Game by Pamela Salibi
  • Yoga by Paul Reynolds
  • Recipe by Question ? Chef Mark Reinfeld

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