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Issue 29 Inspiration Journal, January - February 2008

January - February 2008

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What's luck Got to Do with it? by Fred Alan Wolf, PhD
Ever wonder how lucky or unlucky you are? Or do you think that whatever success or failure you've had had nothing to do with luck at all?

Well, if the quantum world has anything to do with it, not a single moment has passed without Lady Luck looking over your shoulder as you attempt to draw to that inside straight called the game of life. But if the quantum world has anything to say about it, there is a way to beat Lady Luck at her game. All you need to do is look vigilantly and carefully at the world—and take action with that same care and vigilance.

The Power of Words and Your Health by Cynthia Chareunsouk, D.C.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Contrary to popular belief, this is a childhood myth. Many of us go about our daily lives, neglecting the power of words and its affect on our health. Some have unfortunately created a chronic illness with the power of their own subconscious minds.

Fusion of Eastern and Western Medicine by Ann Ravelo
In the lush green setting of the Ko`olau mountains sits Dr. Elizabeth Chen Christenson's clinic. A tall, posed Chinese woman, dressed in a white doctor's coat, slacks and beautifully embroidered Chinese slippers, Dr. Christenson greets me at the door. Her smile is wide and welcoming as she ushers me past her entry way which is filled from ceiling to floor with her framed medical certificates, awards and degrees.

Inside her treatment room, she opens the curtains to reveal the breathtaking view, so different from a typical hospital where the patient finds four walls, a table and anatomic posters. Here, one is greeted with a landscape of green mountains and gracefully swaying trees. Immediately, the patient is relaxes and healing can begin.

  • The Crossroads: Evolution or Extinction by Ranan Shahar L.Ac M.Sc
  • An Intimate Relationship With Money by Michael Kramer, M.Ed., AIF(TM)
  • Are Baby Boomers Taking Care of Their Parents??? Yes! Big Time by Donna Schmidt
  • The Blame Game by Pamela Salibi
  • THE REAL CAUSE OF PAIN by Dr. John Char
  • QUESTION MARK - ASK THE NATURAL CHEF with Chef Mark Reinfeld
  • Herbal Column: Benefits of Using Ginger by Patti Valentine

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