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Issue 28 Inspiration Journal, November - December 2007

November - December 2007

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Evolving Toward Inner Knowingness by Jan Nessen
"We are one," "Unity amid diversity," "We are many parts yet one body;" these are all too familiar catch phrases. However, do we really know what these phrases mean to us, especially when we seem to use these phrases so frequently, and sometimes without reflection?

The Incredible Lightness of Howard Wills: Utilizing Prayer and Forgiveness as a Path to Freedom by Richard Diamond
For centuries, cultures and religions have pointed to the period we live in now as a time of great change and upheaval. Our political leadership has told us that we are at war with something called terror and that it will be a "war without end." However, we actually have the choice, in this moment, to end the war. How is this done? Howard Wills teaches that it is through practicing prayer, peacemaking and forgiveness

Dolphin Dreaming by Lynn Andrews
Agnes Whistling Elk and I were camped out on a low cliff over the ocean, north of Santa Barbara. The tall oat grass had turned golden in the fall heat, and an unusually temperate wind had been blowing in from the desert. Agnes woke me before dawn and we gathered stones for a medicine wheel. As we sat before it, watching the sun blaze over the horizon, we sang to the rising sun, to the new dawn of woman. We praised the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the powers of the four directions and our ancestors. Then we dedicated our ceremony to the dolphins.

  • The Lokahi Giving Project
  • Evolving Toward Inner Knowingness by Jan Nessen
  • The Incredible Lightness of Howard Wills by Richard Diamond
  • Commitment, A Poem by Tanya Von Zychlinsky
  • Whispering from Eternity by Jayem
  • God Cannot Be Contained by Elizabeth Barstow
  • Dolphin Dreaming by Lynn Andrews
  • HSP The Vital Tool in Energy Healing by Barbara Bren nan
  • Head, Heart & Hands: Waldorf Schools by Andrea Nandsokar
  • Le Guru is You! Hatha Yoga and Beyond! by Paul Reynolds
  • Realizing Peace, Happiness and Our Deepest Desires by Humberto Blanco
  • Universal Energy and Spirituality: A True Blessing for Modern People by Dr. John Chen
  • QUESTION MARK - ASK THE NATURAL CHEF Mark Reinfeld Food is Medicine Interview by Dr. Devin Ryerson

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