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Issue 23 Inspiration Journal, January - February 2007

January - February 2007

Being in Balance: 9 Principles to Creating Habits to Match Your Desires, an excerpt from Dr. Dyer's new book.
The key to balancing your desire to be at peace with your need to achieve, perform, and earn a living is in recognizing that there's no such thing as stress; there are only people thinking stressful thoughts. It's really as simple as that. When you change the way you process the world, the world you're processing changes.

Well-being Originates in the Deep Heart
The richest source and the core of all well-being is centered deep within the heart. Everything flows from there. While exploring the well-being theme, I began by listening to my interior self, what I call listening to the deep heart.

The Party Dress
The "walk" I have been doing with my mother for some years is slowly approaching a new phase. My mother has been residing in the Garden Isle Health Care Unit at Wilcox Hospital. She is 91 and will turn 92 on November 30. After a bout with pneumonia and a severe case of ulcers on the heels of her feet, Mom has now been bedridden for a period of around six months. She will never walk again.

In Our Right Minds: Restoring Right-Brain "Feminine" Values to Society
The intelligence of the right brain is a part of all of us, yet we live in a culture that, as Nobel Prize winning psycho-biologist Roger Sperry wrote, "discriminates against the right hemisphere." The realm of the left hemisphere (the "masculine hunter/killer" side) is logical, linear, abstract, sequential, analytical, literal and functional. The right realm ("feminine gatherer/nurturer" side) includes intuition, dreams, creativity, metaphor, poetry, empathy, art, image and synthesis. Through three million years of evolution, these hemispheres developed to work in perfect balance.

A Visionary of Hawaii: Creating a Sustainable World
Gene Tamashiro, founder of IKOH, the Ono Pono vegetarian kiosk in the UH Sustainability Courtyard and Ecogarden, an organic garden in Waimanalo, was born and raised in Hawaii and lived in Michigan for 15 years. Returning to Hawaii, he wanted to align his life with his spiritual path and thought a non-profit community-based group would be something to explore.

  • Being in Balance by Wayne Dyer, PhD - Expo Keynote Speaker
  • Well-being Originates in the Deep Heart by Christina Fisher Expo Speaker
  • The Party Dress by Richard Diamond
  • Divine Guidance: How To Have Peace in Your Life During Stressful Times by Dr. Ruey Ryburn
  • A Peaceful Remedy by Rabbi Sholom Schusterman Expo Speaker
  • In Our Right Minds: Restoring Right-Brain "Feminine" Values to Society by Dale Allen Expo Speaker
  • A Visionary of Hawaii: Creating a Sustainable World - Gene Tamashira by Andrea Nandoskar
  • Altaring Your Life by MEO O'Malley
  • The Guru Is You! - Hatha Yoga and Beyond by Paul Reynolds
  • Eating Disorder Resource Day: Promoting Positive Body Image and Healthy
  • Lifestyles by Tiffany Niide, M.D.
  • "A Carnivore Gets Cleansed" Cleansing for body, spirit and attitude by Richard Nielsen Expo Speaker
  • Talismans - Spiritual Tools of Power by Shankari
  • Quartz . . . . . The Master Crystal by Mark Naea

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