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Issue 22 Inspiration Journal, November - December 2006

November - December 2006

In the Spirit of Health by Virginia Beck
Four Relationships. Nearly all of our health concerns relate to our spiritual wellbeing, so one of the practices I share with my clients is remembering our core commitment to health and our key relationships. Evaluating our key relationships is easy since there are just four to consider.

Aloha in India by Debra Gehrke
In recent days as I continue to ponder the depth of my experience in India, a realization that has been brewing in my subconscious has finally found its way to my waking consciousness. Aloha exists in India, too.

Kaua'i's Living Treasure -
Anna Charlotte Scott Penhallow Bishop Sloggett
by Tammi Andersland
Anna Sloggett is a remarkable woman, who, on September 17, celebrated her 100th birthday with beloved family, friends and former students. Prior to her big celebration, she shared with us special memories of growing up on Kaua'i and spoke about her 35 years as a classroom teacher. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned that day was to never make assumptions about 100-year-old ladies.

  • Meditation Interrupted by Rike Weiss
  • Reiki & Spirituality: what is it and how can we benefit? by Rev. Rebekah
  • Oe-Len Kehaulani Luke, CRM, IARP
  • Aloha in India by Debra Gehrke
  • Awaken from the Trance: A Field Guide for you Full Potential by Jane Ely, PhD, D. Min.
  • Perfect Love Can Be Yours...It's Only a Choice Away by Brad and Jan Lundy
  • Keep those Shoulders Back by Jeff Kennedy
  • Spiritual Food For Thought, Part 2 by Leslie Ashburn
  • Spirit of Water~ the H2Om Story

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