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Issue 20 Inspiration Journal, July - August 2006

July - August 2006

The Soundtrack of Our Lives by Richard McSheehy
IIt is well known that an active life is key to health and happiness and almost all of us try to stay fit by engaging is some form of beneficial activity. One of the key things that makes many of these activities enjoyable is music. Imagine doing aerobics in silence. Imagine using the fitness machines in the gym without an iPod or similar device. What would it be like to dance without a song?

Watsu - Warm, Healing Waters by Francesco Garripoli
The older I get, the more I realize that, for me, to live a truly joyful life I means give to others. I must clear that place where the giving comes from within me, so that what emerges is pure and reflects my true intention. The healing practice I am speaking of is Watsu, named for "water" and "shiatsu"... it is Zen shiatsu massage done in water.

Summertime - Yang at its Peak by Kathy Conery, LAc
Summer is finally in full swing. In Chinese medicine, summer is the most active, or yang, time of year. Keeping with the season, it is also the time that most of us ramp up our activity level. I began paddling a few months ago - what a gift to be out in the ocean, surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, and getting an incredible workout at the same time.

BARE SKIN AND BODY IMAGE by Tiffany Kuulei Niide M.D.
Are you comfortable in your bare skin? Not many of us can truly answer yes to this question. Today's society has a pervasive media and cultural emphasis on the thin-ideal. We are bombarded with media images of models with bodies so thin they appear more like male adolescents than like women.

  • An Interview with Lady Qigong Grandmaster Qinyin by Ganshet Nandoskar
  • American Indian Principles of Healing by Jane Ely, PhD
  • Summertime - Yang at Its Peak by Kathy Conery, LAc
  • Enjoy Your Summer Travels with Aromatherapy by Connie Valenti
  • BARE SKIN AND BODY IMAGE by Tiffany Kuulei Niide M.D.
  • The Health Benefits of Shiatsuİ by Bart Walton, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
  • The Quest for Optimal Fitness by Jeff Kennedy
  • Le Guru is You! The Teacher Student Relationship by Paul Reynolds
  • Go Green: Tread Lightly: Alternative Fuel by Jeff Deren
  • Getting Funded by Jimmy Cathey
  • Relationship Astrology: Enhancing Your Unfolding Story by Sharon Douglas
  • Are You Mercury Toxic? by Carrie Brennan, N.D
  • Are Past Lives Real? by Christopher Ilo

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