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Issue 18 Inspiration Journal, March - April 2006

March - April 2006

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Most of us, at one time or another in our lives, have retreated to a special place where we feel safe and at peace. Remember as children, how we could throw a sheet over a table, crawl underneath and feel completely oblivious to the world around us? Tree houses, playhouses, forts or a reading loft at school were wonderful places that we could go to be by ourselves, places we could visit to reconnect with the quiet spirit inside of us. These retreats are spiritual environments.

According to Albert Einstein, we cannot expect to solve our major challenges at the same level of thinking at which we created them. We, as Kaua'ians, are seeking to create a new level from which to address the issues of our times and island.

Alakalarian Kid Recipes by Shelley and Robert Young, PhD
Popeye may have been the first cartoon character to promote eating vegetable like spinach, although he did it out of a can. Americans need help in becoming nutritionally fir. One-third of all children are overweight or obese. Their adult role models are higher.

  • The New Year: 2006-A Call to Consciousness, Part II by Jane Ely, PhD
  • Natural Flows of Money by Michael Kramer
  • Spiritual Environments by Pamela Salibi
  • Spirit of Leadership by Barbara Curl
  • Florelle's Ohana by Tiffany Niide, MD
  • Children Have the Gift of Imagination by Mark Jeffers
  • Doc Broc- Children's Recipes by Stephanie and Robert Young, Phd
  • TEA AND YOU...A HEALTHY BREW by Frank Ranger
  • Le Guru Is You - Hatha Yoga and Beyond - What Is Yoga? by Paul Reynolds
  • Strength Training for Healthy Bones by Jeff Kennedy, ACE, LMT
  • Facial Yoga by Pamela Gibson
  • Medical Astrology by Cathyrn Moe
  • Psychological Astrology by Margaret Gray
  • Go Green- Tread Lightly: The New Bottom Line by Andrea Nandoskar
  • The Legend of Lepe-a-moa by Cynthia Larson

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