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Issue 17 Inspiration Journal, January - February 2006

January - February 2006

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Medicine: East versus West by Dr. Phil Zeidner
Too often we find ourselves speaking with health practitioners who either "don't believe in Chinese medicine" or "don't believe in putting artificial compounds in their bodies." Both statements reflect an extreme ideological choice when it comes to choosing health care.

The New Year: 2006 - A Call to Consciousness, Part I by Jane Ely,PhD
Rather than write about New Years resolutions, I feel compelled to write about the wisdom of the elders for the changing time we are navigating in our present world. This summer I had occasion to travel back to my traditional homeland in Nova Scotia and to sit with some of the elders and talk over their understandings, and the prophecies passed down through the oral traditions.

Florelle's Ohana: Raising Awareness -Eating Disorders
by Tiffany Niide, MD
My sister had suffered from anorexia for over forty years. The disease ravaged her body, and ultimately caused her death. During her adolescence, she exhibited the first signs of anorexia, not eating enough, constantly worrying about her weight and compulsively exercising. There was no treatment at that time and we did not know what to do to help her.

  • Oh Holy Night - On the Mekong by Gabriela Taylor
  • The Healing Power of Nature by Dr. Leah Melead
  • Discover Ayurveda by Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar
  • Le Guru is You! Hatha Yoga and Beyond by Paul Reynolds
  • Fun with Medicine Balls by Jeff Kennedy
  • Pliates: Classical New York School Pilates Method and Apparatus by Takuyo Takahashi
  • NVC: Parenting from the Heart by JP Allen and Coral Rose
  • Risk of Suicide from Children's Prescription Drugs by Francine Kanter, CCH, Rshom
  • Sitting in the Dentist's Chair - It Doesn't Have to be so Bad by Suzanne Heal
  • The Caretaker's Story by Robin Sheldon
  • Relationships: How Does your Garden Grow? by Joan Levy
  • Spiritual Marketing for Holistic Businesses by Sharman O'Shea
  • Amethyst - A Friend from the Mineral Kingdom by Tanya Issacson
  • Go Green: How to Set up a Recycling Program in Your Home by Allison Fraley
  • A RECIPE FOR LIFE: by Chef Johnny Brannigan
  • What Makes Life Ecstatic? by Indigo Ocean

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