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Issue 16 Inspiration Journal, November - December 2005

November - December 2005

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Spiritual Lifts: Spa Treatments by Pam Salibi
The Inspiration staff set out to thoroughly research the theme of spiritual lifts. We thought it important to personally "investigate" some of the services and treatments we were suggesting. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it! We visited day spas on Kaua'i and Oahu, from the most intimate to the largest resort spas. Here is what we found....(continued on page 16.)

Which Way to Now? by Makana
How do I get to Now? BE HERE NOW. What the heck does that mean? I am here now, aren't I? I mean, I'm not somewhere else, I can't be; I feel myself here in this room ... right? Well, maybe. Yes, you appear to be here, along with every other object around you. But appearances are interpretive. Let's examine this from a perception perspective.

Core Strengthening: Posterior Compartment by Jeff Kennedy
Every time we lift, bend, reach, run, walk, stand or sit, we engage the area that is the bridge between the upper and lower extremities. When we talk about the core and the muscles that are located in our back area we see muscles that directly affect the lumbar spine and the complicated movements that they create. Weak core muscles contribute to all kinds of problems in the body, most commonly low back pain. Low back pain is a major problem. It is estimated that 80 percent of Americans will have at least one episode of low back pain severe enough that they lose time from work.

  • KDAD- Kaua'i Diabetes Awareness Day
  • Coming Into Your Wisdom Time by Barbara DeAngelis
  • A Merry Heart by Elsa Weber-Fraley
  • Kaua'i - The Unfolding of the Island Vision by Barbara Curl
  • Four Paths of Peace: Eastern Direction-The Visionary by Jane Ely, PHd
  • Time of Long Shadows by Richard Whitman
  • Spiritual Lifts: Spa Reviews by Inspiration Staff
  • Sensual Healing in Thailand by Gabriela Taylor
  • Ayurveda-The Science of Life by Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar
  • Vegan World Fusion Cuisine: Holiday Recipes by Blossoming Lotus
  • Resource Directory
  • Go Green - Tread Lightly by Tamara Anderson
  • Psychological Astrology by Margaret Gray
  • Non Violent Communication by Coral Rose

New! Inspiration Reviews: Hanapepe Cafe on Kaua'i
The Rose Mandala, a new CD from Angelina Welk
** Have your holistic product reviewed by Inspiration for a nonimal fee.

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