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Issue 15 Inspiration Journal, September - October 2005

September - October 2005

Kaua'i presents an extraordinary opportunity for a community of people to co-create a vision, to mold a sustainable habitat, to live the vision's fullest potential. Visualize people balancing the needs of self and society in the bosom of our island's natural abundance. This will be a glimpse into the future of our planet, a point of stability, a model for our global community.

The Hawaii Wellness Institute- Oahu's Holistic Communities by Sunny Massad, Ph.D.
Chances are, when you think of Honolulu, you don't think of lush land, huge trees, and a babbling brook. But that is the setting of the Hawaii Wellness Retreat House a holistic learning center; on two acres of land at the end of the road in Kalihi Valley...

NEW SECTION: TREAD LIGHTLY- Make Your Choice Green by Matt Bishop
As time passes, those of us who choose to immerse ourselves in the loving arms of Mother Earth are finding it harder and harder to find places that provide our souls with the natural nourishment we need. Overcrowding, pollution, irresponsible development and many other factors are punishing our precious environment. We see the scars from this punishment in our forests, our streams and our surf breaks.

Blossoming Lotus: Vegan Wisdom (part 2) Spreading the Message by Richard Diamond photo credit Jay Armstrong
Gabriel recalls, "I saw the evolution of a special kind of restaurant. The right people would join us to help bring forth a singular manifestation that would benefit the Kaua'i community as a whole."

  • Oceanit - the PVC Telescope by Cindy Matsuki
  • Are You Mentor Material? by Francesco Garripoli
  • Celebrating Queen Emma in Kokee by Michelle Hookano - photo credits Kay Koike
  • Indians in the Island by Jane Ely, PhD
  • Choosing Death by Jonathon Meyers
  • Coming Out of the Shadows by Pamela Salibi
  • Cigarettes, Chocolate, Alcohol. Does it turn you on? by Francine Kanter, CCH, RsHom
  • Creating Abundance and Giving Back by Vincent Kelsey
  • "Ki - A Living Story" by Richard Diamond
  • From the Kingdom of Bhutan to the Garden Island of Hawaii-Dechen Palden by Desiree Vea

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