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Issue 14 Inspiration Journal, July - August 2005

July - August 2005

Ka Makahiki Nui o Lono by Löpaka Bukoski
With the rise of the Nahuihuiamakalii (Pleiades) constellation more commonly known in Hawaii as Makalii (literally Ňlittle eyesÓ), kahuna kilo kilo, experts who observed the skies for omens, would announce the change in seasons from KŸ, god of war, to Lono, god of peace and agriculture. This is the time known as the makahiki, a season traditionally beginning in October and ending in February.

Surfing the North Shore by Michael "Makai" Saiz
We drove through the high central plain of Oahu, and began the long downhill turns through pineapple and sugar cane fields. Our conversation fell silent as the massive expanse of dark ocean came into view, and gravity and destiny pulled us both down toward Haleiwa town, the gateway to the North Shore.

Manawai "Powerful Healing Waters" by Sharron Norton
Everyone has in common the world in which we were created and nurtured till birth - the same safe, quiet cradle - the warm saline water of a motherŐs womb. Watsu brings you into this same state of bliss, peacefulness and security.

Quantum Physics - UHM by Jae Atchley, DC
Science is beginning to describe a reality different from the one we are experiencing - the reality of quantum physics. This is a reality where dense physical matter moves in wave particles rather than being fixed. It means that what we believe is physically set can actually change form.

  • Core Strengthening - Abdominals by Jeff Kennedy
  • Pilates for Cross-Training: Improvement for all your Island Sports By Fran McDonald
  • 100 Miles to Enlightenment: A Runner's Journey by Ray Charron
  • The Friend and Foe That is Our Sun by Catherine Downey, ND
  • Menopause - Hot Flashing in Paradise by Dr. Leia Melead
  • Coconut Oil is Better than Olive Oil by Grady A. Deal, PhD, LMT, DC
  • Dwelling in the House of Being by Virginia Beck, NP
  • The Four Paths of Peace: The Creative Potential of the Mind by Jane Ely, PhD
  • Which Way to Enlightenment? By Louise Mita
  • Vegan Wisdom: Spreading the Word by Richard Diamond
  • The Hawaii Ocean Film Festival by Meli Sandler
  • Five Wishes by Cindie K. Jones
  • Panchakarma by Char Ravelo

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