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Issue 13 Inspiration Journal, May - June 2005

May - June 2005

Health, Humor and Hospitals by Hob Osterlund
Ivy Push, RN is my alter-ego. The new show When Ivy Push Comes to Shove was recently filmed before a full and enthusiastic house at the Manoa Valley Theatre in Honolulu.

The Song Within - Kaua'i Music Festival by Rich Mc Sheehy
She walked into the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Kaua'i and looked around. A soft breeze rustled the coconut palms; somewhere, out of sight, someone was singing a Hawaiian melody. She had a cautious way of looking, something that could only have been learned by living in the big city. She wore an expensive black skirt and matching blouse, and sophisticated high heeled shoes that spoke of a successful career in the music industry. Her body language spoke for her: a tense stiffness, a slight air of suspicion.

Stepping Stone by Susie Olsen
What does chocolate taste like? What does white ginger smell like? Both questions are easy to ask, yet difficult to answer. How do you convey with any degree of certainty these personal experiences limited by mere words? Without actually tasting chocolate or enjoying the fragrance of white ginger, a verbal illustration would only be an aspect of the whole picture. The work and the person of Brigitte D'Annibale are no different and also defy description, but in a humble attempt to portray this artist, mom and compassionate human, mere words will have to do.

  • I'm Nobody's Story but My Own by Mark Jeffers
  • The Gift of Pain by Barbara Altemus
  • A Sage by Daya Sarai Chocron
  • Expressing Your Interior World by Tanya von Zychlinsky
  • Four Paths to Peace by Jane Ely
  • Intention and Sound by Kimba Arem
  • Food for Life by Ruthie Hutchins, Kathy Matara
  • Panchakarma by Dr. Sushas Kshirsagar
  • Aromatherapy and Cancer by Connie Valenti
  • The Art of Successful Living by Vincent J. Kellsey
  • Frequencty Shift with Dr. Eric Pearl

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