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Issue 12 Inspiration Journal, March - April 2005

March - April 2005

Whispers of Aloha by Lois and Earl Stokes
Our story is a simple one. We are artists of the spirit who stand with the tropic sun over our heads, in the middle of the ocean, on the beautiful and healing island of Kaua'i. We work with residents and visitors from around the world to bring back the ancient art of string figures.

The Art Of Energy and Positive Thinking by Louise Mita
Two gentlemen, unacquainted, awaited with anticipation the results of their medical examinations and laboratory tests. Both had chronic coughs and shortness of breath. Both were cigarette smokers.

"Caring for ALL of Kaua'i's Children" by Gail M. Stevens, LSW
Every child has a right to feel safe, supported and nurtured. To be encouraged to develop his or her talents and potential to the highest degree. To learn who to trust, how to get along with others, and how to care for other people.

Massage for Children by Kristin Snellback, NCTMB
Most adults love to be massaged, relishing the feelings of well-being that are brought to our bodies and minds. Parents need to know that infants and young children also benefit greatly. They can calm their infants and young children and make them feel even more loved.

  • Inspiring Children: Smart Exercise(TM) and the Essence of Learning by Francesco Garripoli
  • Ten Times Healthier Babies by Virigina Beck
  • The Magic of Homeopathy and Its Use in Children by Carrie Brennan, N.D.
  • Keiki Discovery by Frank Reilly
  • Oh Thank Goodness! It's the UKU Fairy! by Karen Tilley
  • Common Herbs for Women and Children by Dr. Leia Melead
  • Homeopathic Approaches to Urinary Tract Infections by Francine Kanter, RsHom, CCH
  • The Four Paths of Peace:The Physical Wisdom Bodyby Jane Ely, PHD
  • How to Grow Fresh Air by Frank Ranger
  • It is time for Healthy Snacks by Char Ravelo

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