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Issue 10 Inspiration Journal, November - December 2004

November - December 2004

The Four Paths of Peace - Jane Ely, Phd
"Peace begins within" is a vibrational current we all relate to. But even more, it is a calling of the soul to self-responsible practices and truths that exist in the very marrow of our ancestral bones-the home of our integrity, authenticity and self-empowerment.

A Royal View - Queen of Bhutan - Hob Osterlund
Shortly after her 45th birthday, the Queen of Bhutan realized what she had to do. "I knew it was time to travel my country." Not by vehicle on snaking, precarious Himalayan roads, not by horse through a wooded maze of unmapped pathways, not differently from her subjects, but, like most of them, on foot. From one tiny village to the next. To learn about their secrets, their sorrows and their celebrations.

Hawaii Forgiveness Project: True Forgiveness - Michael North
The word forgiving is generally considered synonymous with forgetting. "Forgive and forget" is common folk wisdom. According to this saying you must set aside, by an act of will, the hurt, pain or injury someone has caused you, focus on other things and move on.

The Sounds of Music in Our Lives - Judy Shabert, M.D.
Music has the ability to create strong emotions that affect our mind, body and soul. Since antiquity philosophers have written about the value of music for humans, but not until the 20th century was actual research conducted on music's effects on plants, animals and humans.

  • Bringing Aloha into Buddhist Meditation - Jacqueline Kramer
  • Family Peace Group: Healing through Forgiveness - Elizabeth Spanton
  • Enlightened Relationship - Tomas & Joan Heartfield, Phd
  • Men's Health: Prostate Health - Steven Dubey, ND
  • Women's Health: Hot Flashes and You - Francine Kanter
  • Elements: Metal - Alaya DeNolles
  • Healing Touch- What is it? - Lee Rosendaal
  • Chakra 7 -Gloria Coppola
  • The Chi of Feng Shui, Part 2 - Clear Engelbert
  • Holiday Fitness Tips

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