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Editorial Policy for Inspiration Journal

Articles submitted for publication are reviewed by a committee and selected based on the thematic concept for each individual issue and general congruence with the tone and intent of Inspiration.

Once articles are selected, our main editing concerns are length, grammar and language usage. By submitting your work to Inspiration you give your permission for our editing staff to make minor changes, which include punctuation, capitalization, subject/verb agreement, parallel construction, elimination of redundancies, form and word usage.

In those instances where a piece needs more than such minor changes, we will email, when possible, the edited version back to the author for approval. The author is then free to review the changes, and communicate any comments or questions back to the editor. Response must be received by the editor within three days. If we do not receive any communication in three days, the article will be printed as edited.

Please note that we prefer to receive articles that are 750 - 900 words in length. Anyone writing an article longer than this requires prior approval from the publisher or editor.

Wellness Product and Services articles are associated with advertisements and arranged with a sales associate before it is submitted to the editor.

Articles are due 2 months prior to print date.

For optimum reproduction of images, use 300 dpi, jpg format, color and/or black and white.


Inspiration Journal FAQ's

How much are subscriptions and how can I subscribe to Inspiration Journal?
Subscriptions are $30 for six issues. Subscription forms can be filled out online.

How can I obtain past issues of Inspiration Journal?
While they last past issues can be had by contacting our Publisher for availability. Please specify issue and send $5.00 to Inspiration Journal, P.O. Box 3211, Lihue, Kaua'i, Hawaii 96766.

How can I obtain a copy of an article that ran in Inspiration Journal?
If you are interested in any articles, please contact our Publisher.

Who should I contact with Story Ideas?
Keep your ideas short and to the point. You can submit story, photography or illustration ideas to our Editor.

How can I get information on copyright permissions for content that has run in Inspiration Journal?
For this information you should contact our Publisher.

Where do I send my Letter to the Editor?
You can send letters to the editor to our Editor.

Where can I send general Inspiration Journal questions?
General questions can be sent here for Information. Can I send Inspiration Journal Comments and Suggestions?

General question or comments can be directed to Comments.

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