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Target Market Advertising Works. Reach your audience today through Inspiration Media - Inspiration, Hawaii's Wellness Journal is free, distributed statewide, printed quarterly, seen statewide on Time Warner's Cable OC 16, Facebook, and the website.

Partnering with Hawaii's leading wellness publication will elevate you and your service to the next level in business throughout the wellness community. Each issue is shared with friends and passed on to community minded, conscientious people therefore each copy is read approximately 4 times, reaching an average of 40,000 people. (Based on a minimum printing of 15,000 copies per issue.) We understand business and the need to cross-promote, so we purposefully keep our costs down to offer you the best value in low advertising rates.

Published quarterly on Kaua'i, this dynamic souvenir publication appeals to both the local and visitor populations. Inspiration Journals are collected by readers for its beautiful depiction of island life and superb editorial content. Energizing science-based articles focus on healthy lifestyles, family life, health and healing modalities, organic and natural living, environmental issues, and spiritual and personal growth. Articles are written by Hawaii's leading health and wellness practitioners who are committed to building strong communities.

Advertising Advantages

  • Inspiration speaks to 75 million 'baby boomers' that are searching for alternative ways to stay young and healthy.
  • Participate in the largest industry growth of the decade by advertising in this holistic publication that supports its community. Wellness and beauty industry revenues are in the billions. Holistic and organic industries have sales in the millions and are increasing steadily.
  • Inspiration is the only free, statewide, article-driven publication dedicated to fostering the Health and Wellness Industry by bringing Hawaii's own healers and health practitioners to you.
  • A full service visionary marketing company with results oriented advertising sales professionals who are committed to helping your business grow. Complete with innovative consulting services, creative graphic design and layouts, and marketing packages that include print display ads, radio promos and website(s) to increase your visibility and generate new profit centers.
  • Inspiration has a strong community and business presence. As a member of Kaua'i Chamber of Commerce, the Hawaii Visitor and Convention Bureau/Kaua'i Visitor Bureau recipient of promotional and marketing benefits by these organizations.
  • Listed on internationally renowned websites- Hawaii Visitor and Convention Bureau,,

Distribution and Demographics

Inspiration is distributed island wide at prime locations and at consumer targeted locations on the other islands. Extensive subscription base from Hawaii to New York. Loyal readers send copies to families around the globe to the UK, Greece, Bhutan, Iraq, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. We circulated 15,000 copies statewide, each issue is read by an average of 4 people. We have a 3:2 ratio of female to male readers; majority are 36-55 in age, college graduates with incomes ranging from 45k -100k, married or partnered with children, business owners or professionals, who live in Hawaii and on the mainland. Call (808) 652-4328 to reserve your space!

Survey based on Inspirational Marketing and Subscriber Study, November 2003

Distribution List

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Revised Rates - June 2010 rev 6/10/10

  • Ad production is not included. Additional fees for graphic design work on ads will be charged. Please provide all support graphics and fonts along with a color proof for the cover ads.
  • Inspiration reserves the right to refuse advertisements that are not aligned with Inspiration's mission statement.
  • Cancellations are not accepted after printed closing reservation date of issue, the 15th of month in production period.
  • Payment must accompany ad materials. All rates subject to 4.16% state tax and 4.71% for Oahu. Rates may change without advance notice.
  • Payment is non-refundable.

Display Color Advertising Rates

SIZE 4 Issues 2 Issues 1 Issue
1/9 Page $275 per issue $300 per issue $325 per issue
1/6 Page $325 per issue $350 per issue $375 per issue
1/4 Page $415 per issue $465 per issue $500 per issue
1/3 Page $588 per issue $654 per issue $700 per issue
1/2 Page $737 per issue $830 per issue $900 per issue
Full Page $1,250 per issue $1,380 per issue $1,500 per issue
Full Page Inside Cover $1380 per issue $1580 per issue $1720 per issue
Back Cover $1,520 per issue $1,750 per issue $1,900 per issue

Black & White ads

SIZE 4 Issues 2 Issues 1 Issue
1/9 Page $228 per issue $263 per issue $290 per issue
1/6 Page $252 per issue $286 per issue $312 per issue
1/4 Page $302 per issue $348 per issue $378 per issue
1/3 Page $376 per issue $432 per issue $470 per issue
1/2 Page $520 per issue $598 per issue $650 per issue
Full Page $800 per issue $900 per issue $1000 per issue

Resource Directory and Market Place

4 Issues 2 Issues 1 Issue
$350 $250 $125 per issue

(25 words or less) $1.50 for each additional word. $25 (one time fee) for logo placement

Wellness Products and Services (WPS) Advertorial Articles

SIZE     1 Issue
1/4 Page - - $250 - max 200 words, 2 image*
1/2 Page - - $450 - max 400 words, 3 image*
Full Page - - $750 - max 800 words, 3 image*

* Less words allows room for more images, includes logo. Advetorial content is subject to approval by Inspiration before printing.

Mechanical Requirements

Ad Sizes (width/height)

1/9 Page Ad .... 2.437"w x 3.2812"h
1/6 Page Vert. Ad .... 2.437"w x 5.027"h
1/6 Page Horiz. Ad .... 5.091"w x 2.403"h
1/3 Page Vert. Ad .... 2 .437"w x 10.25"h
1/3 Page Horiz. Ad .... 7.75"w x 3.2812"h
1/3 Page Square Ad .... 5.095"w x 5.027"h
1/4 Page Ad .... 3.75"w x 5.016"h
1/2 Page Horiz. Ad .... 7.75"w x 5.012"h
1/2 Page Vert. Ad .... 3.75"w x 10.25"h
Full Page Non-bleed Ad .... 7.75"w x 10.25"h
Live area: 7.25"w x 9.75"h
Full Page Bleed Ad .... Bleed 8.75"w x 11.25"h
Trim 8.5"w x 11"h
Live area: 7.75"w x 10.25"h
Safety area: 7.5"w x 10"h
Camera ready requirements: Distilled Acrobat cmyk 2400 ppi output PDF files and Photoshop tiff/300 dpi files are acceptable. In Design and Illustrator files should be converted to high resolution Acrobat PDF files before submission.

"Inspiration connects those who are seeking with those who are serving."
Consider advertising with Inspiration as an investment in your business and your industry as well as a fantastic vehicle for marketing and promotions. Partnering with Inspiration, Hawaii's Wellness Journal showcases your business as a leader in the health and wellness community.

Resource Directory and Marketplace Classified advertising: A health and wellness resource center designed to bring together those who are who are seeking with those who are serving. Listings are by islands and categories.

Categories: Health professionals, Healing Modalities, Schools and Training, Personal Growth and Development, Fitness and Yoga, Products and Services, Healthy Eateries, Spas and Retreats and Spiritual.

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"I switched my advertising to Inspiration and was surprised by the number of calls I started to receive as soon as the magazine came out. After advertising for two years in another periodical offering Kaua'i alternative health options, I was not used to getting so many calls and so rapidly." Virgina Beck, NP, CPT, Kalaheo, Kaua'i

"Inspiration turned out to be much more that I expected. I've been asked to advertise in many publications, but few have netted any results. Inspiration has been the exception. It is an excellent magazine to read and a great one to connect with new clients." Cindie K. Jones, CFP, Waddell and Reed, Muskegon, MI

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