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Char Ravelo
Char Ravelo
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It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to INSPIRATION, A Journal for the Body, Mind and Spirit. Created with you in mind.

Our Mission: To inspire, engage and challenge humanity to expand its consciousness so that each individual may share his or her highest contribution of service to self and other for a joyful and balanced life.

In November of 2002, there was a restlessness that moved through me while contemplating new projects. I was searching for a way to use my health and wellness background to give back to the community of Kaua'i, and the people of Hawaii, for all the "Aloha" I have received over the years. I envisioned a holistic journal filled with articles pertinent to daily life. Words written by healers and practitioners that educate, motivate, and provoke us to take a look at ourselves, families, friends, our community, thus guide us towards having healthier and balanced lives.

When I realized that the words holistic and inspiration were in sync with my philosophy, everything shifted into full speed. The word "holistic" refers to "relating to, or is concerned with integrated wholes or complete systems, rather than with the analysis or treatment of separate parts."* This means looking at a person as a "whole being." I would prefer to rewrite this word as "wholisitic" and take the mystery out of the picture for many people, especially those who are uncertain of what is a holistic publication. The word "inspiration" refers to "the act or power of moving the intellect or emotions, inhalation, the quality or state of being inspired."*

Inspiration, A Journal, combines science-based articles with life enriching stories to present information about the body, mind and spirit.

We, here at Inspiration, hope to encourage an awareness of your "whole being."

Char Ravelo

*Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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